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Like most things in my life I blundered into blogging quite by chance.

As I write, my blog is incredibly one year old and I'm constantly astounded that people are actually interested in reading it.

I write the blog anonymously, though not because my identity is a huge secret, anyone doing a bit of casual digging on the interwebs could doubtless uncover my identity, as I discovered to my chagrin recently. I prefer to keep a low profile mainly because I don't wish to cause offence to any of my esteemed customers (or my family come to that) whom I've consistently spilled the beans on with complete impunity over the last year. Note t self: sort out that disclaimer.
Anyhoo, if you DM me I'll probably tell you who I am, after all it'd be rude not to (provided you are a safe enough distance away for me to dispel any fear of your being an existing customer of course).

My first passion has always been food (ahem... after Chef of course).I've worked in commercial kitchens for the best part of ten years, though I would never call myself a Chef, more of a cook (Chef is *Chef*, I know my place).My forte is my speed during service (not a euphemism), Chef says I'm the fastest he's ever worked with, other than himself, obviously. So if you're a bit short handed you could do a lot worse than giving Moi a call.

I was famed in the past as a seven Mars Bars a day girl, a decision wrought through having experienced the darker side of hotel catering; THE STAFF FOOD, on one occasion a particularly nasty Head Chef pulled the laxative trick on me, once being the operative word.

For some reason I've always found myself working in male dominated environments. Following years of employment in a variety of roles in the hotel industry, my most recent job prior to the foray into self employment was Commercial director of a premiership sporting team, another occupation which I stumbled into purely by accident and was innately unqualified for. As Chef says, if I fell out of a plane/boat I'd probably miss the ground/water.
What was initially intended as a food orientated blog (I quickly realised there were far more knowledgeable people doing this way more eloquently than I ever could), has evolved into a bit of a diarist insight into the catalogue of catastrophes and confused shenanigans unfolding at the country Inn which we've owned for the past three years, and lately at the second rural pub which we've recently ill advisedly acquired.

If you're looking for intricate recipes, beautifully written reviews or serious issues, then my blog probably isn't for you. Actually, that's a lie, there are some reviews on there, though the photos are in the main unflattering and taken surreptitiously on my Blackberry. The review of Northcote Manor has been quite a popular read and now that I think about it my second most popular post EVER is an uncharacteristically sensible one. Must do this more often.

I read quite a varied range of blogs, mainly food based, some very skilfully written which are the ones I most admire.

I'm neither glamorous nor fashionable, though I d have a shoe fetish: all anally boxed, labelled and stored according to heel height and colour, most never to be worn (don't tell Chef that). Which is a manifestation of my OCD tendency, which may be beneficial to you as a potential customer, as my hygiene standards are particularly stringent. If I suspect anyone has so much as breathed on a food item it may well be discarded. I have also on occasion been known to attempt to prevent food items from coming into contact with particular Chefs' hands...which is challenging to say the least.
My blog is not cleverly written nor a serious read, though everything in there has actually happened, which is truly a constant source of amazement to me. It's slightly tongue in cheek, so please don't be offended if you happen to recognise yourself in there. I LOVE all our customers. Really, I do...

You can follow me on Twitter;@NorthernSnippet, if you message me Ill always respond, as of course you will be aware all bloggers are intrinsically narcissistic.

IF you're not on Twitter may I suggest you join IMMEDIATELY? Whilst writing this my concentration wandered and I had the following conversation which is a perfectly innocent discussion about a food item, but I fear would be more suited to one of those dubious late night chat lines. Maybe a potential means of supplementing ones income should everything go pear shaped?

Or is it just my fertile mind?

I particularly like Darren's opening line 'Wascally Wabbit' (porn star or what????)

Ooh Err.......Check on Chef!!

(Cue Benny Hill theme tune)

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