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Sa-far-i-way from home by Kevin Barron Part 7 Executive Chef Ole Sereni Hotel Kenya

Kevin Barron is Executive Chef at Ole Sereni Hotel Kenya, Kevin shares his overseas journey, offering a Chefs' eye view, of the life of an Ex-Pat in Kenya.

PART 7 (Part 6 can be viewed HERE),so I resign and spend a few meetings with the Directors asking why im leaving, will I stay, reasons etc etc and I can't lie but I'm not totally honest with everyone, I figure it's easier that way I'm not happy doing it it's not my style but pressure makes me tell them im going back to the UK.

I can't sit there and criticize the GM can I?

So the day pass and more meetings why am I going stay longer they will help me out even an offer of going to the UK one week per month to sort out my "issues"