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Warm Timbales of Scallop Mousse - Alain Roux

Alain Roux, Chef Patron of The Waterside Inn, 3 Michelin stars, has three Thermomix TM31’s in his new restaurant kitchen and one at the Cookery School. They are used all day in both the main kitchen and pastry section. Alain says this recipe showcases the perfectly smooth blending and very gentle steaming that are possible with Thermomix. The sauce cooks in the Thermomix bowl below, while the timbales steam in the Varoma steamer above. Steaming at 90°C produces a delicate mousse with the texture of a set cream and the sauce has beautiful clean flavours because it is not allowed to boil.


For the ramekins:

50g soft butter

2 tbsp mixed fresh herbs

(tarragon, chervil and flat parsley leaves)

For the mousse:

140g large scallops, weighing just the white muscles, approximately 4 to 8 scallops

(save the corals/roes for the sauce if you have them)

200g double cream

2 eggs

For the sauce:

½ celery stick, cut in 2 pieces

1 small carrot, cut in half

½ small leek, sliced in 2cm pieces

2 shallots, peeled and quartered

300g water

150g white wine

2 tbsp mixed fresh herbs

(tarragon, chervil and flat parsley)

scallop corals/roes – if available

50g double cream

75g butter


1. Generously butter 4 porcelain ramekins (7cm diameter x 4cm deep, 9cl) and sprinkle them with the herbs.

2. Using the built-in weighing scales, weigh the scallop white muscles and cream into the Thermomix (TM) bowl and add the eggs. Season with ¼ to ½ tsp sea salt and 2 to 3 white peppercorns. Blend 45 seconds/Speed 10. Divide the mousse mixture evenly between the ramekins and place them into the Varoma steamer. Cover all the ramekins with one sheet of greaseproof paper or cover them individually with foil.

3. Drop the vegetables onto the running blades/Speed 8 to chop. Turn off.

4. Weigh in the water and white wine. Add the herbs. Place the covered Varoma on the TM lid and steam 40 minutes/90°C/Speed 2. When the steaming time is finished, set the Varoma aside.

5. Add the scallop corals (if using) and cream to the sauce. Blend 2 minutes/Speed 10.

6. Add butter, season with sea salt (start with ½ tsp) and pepper. Mix 1 minute/Speed 6 to finish the sauce. Loosen the timbales from the ramekins with a small knife if necessary and turn each one out onto a deep plate. Pour the sauce around each timbale and serve.