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Glynn Purnell, Purnell's, Birmingham

Glynn, first and foremost thank you very much for your time today.  It's greatly appreciated as I know how busy you are.  Tell us a little bit about Purnell's.

Purnell's has been open for three years now, I closed Jessica's down and within 6 weeks of closing that down I opened Purnell's here in Cornwall Street.

Glynn, what was your involvement  in Jessica's restaurant? Did you own it?

I co-owned it.  I had 25% and I ran the place, but I decided, if you have got a partner and they want to do one thing and you want to do another eventually you going to want to go in different directions.  I have always wanted my own restaurant in the centre of my home town.  That has always been my dream as a kid ... and to score a winner in the FA cup, obviously!  I got to the stage where I needed to do it, so I re-mortgaged my house; bought Purnell's.  It took 6 weeks to turn it round from one restaurant to another ... which was quite stressful, but I needed to do it like that for financial reasons.

Glynn before setting up Purnell's here in Birmingham, did you do all those things such as look at the markets; any research - what was the clientele; was there a demand;or did you just think - I'm going to open a restaurant in Birmingham?

I just said "I'm going to do a restaurant!"