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Flying Fish Market Report from Day Boat Specialists 2 February 2012


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Flying Fish Seafoods is proud to supply high quality fish to distinctive restaurants and hotels throughout the South and West of England. Our pledge is simple. We source the finest and freshest fish directly from Cornwall’s best fishermen and deliver it straight to your door.

Cornish Wild Black Sea Bream

Fresh Wild Cornish Black Bream is a superb looking fish with bright silvery skin with hints of pink and gold. Sea Bream is round bodied and classed as a "white" fish and grows to 60cm/2 feet in length.  It is generally considered one of the best-tasting of the breams and has a medium sweet flavour with a texture similar to that of the Sea Bass

Black bream stocks currently appear to be in a healthy state; however there is a lack of stock assessment and adequate management for the species. As trawling for Black bream can disturb the spawning process and destroy nests and eggs, choose Black bream caught with Rod and Line or Gillnet as a sustainable option. Black bream caught in Cornwall, Devon, & South Wales are the best choice in terms of locality as these are the most adequately managed.

Think Sustainability!

Red Seabream has a low resilience to fishing due to being hermaphroditic (sex-changing) and slow growing. Stocks range from fully exploited to severely deplete. Avoid buying Red Seabream for these reasons. Of the two wild-caught species Black Bream is the more sustainable. Avoid eating immature Black Bream (less than 23cm) caught prior to and during their spawning season (April & May in UK inshore waters).