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James Douglas

Current Status:
Morning Chefs. Anyone know of any head/sous chef jobs going in Cheshire area?

About Me

The best meal I've ever had is:
I've had some damn fine food, but the best ever? Currently it would have to be the food I had at Cafe De Aldo just off Shaftesbury Avenue, London.
If I wasn't a chef I'd be a:
An inmate...
My favourite bands are:
Varied and eclectic...depends on time of day!
My favourite cook books are:
Many...although currently enjoying going back to the roots of British Cuisine.
I am currently listening to:
Genesis, Foo Fighters, Kasabian, Richard Hell, The Black Keys, Qemists, Pendulum and Dave Gilmour
My top five songs of all time are:
Boys of Summer - Don Henly Sultans of Swing (Live) - Dire Straits Old Medley (Live) - Genesis Wheels - Foo Fighters I Wanna Be Sedated - Ramones (all the above subject to change regularly)
The state of the Industry and the upcoming 'cooks'...sort out the NVQ!
The last book I bought was:
Eleven Madison Park
What are your interests:
Music, movies and life itself!
My bible cook book is:
Mrs Beeton - Household Management (1918), MPW - White Heat
My website is: