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Gareth Johns's Wall

Personal details

Gareth Johns

Current Status:
`Very late Christmas Album

About Me

The best meal I've ever had is:
The French Laundry,<br>Robuchon, Paris, Noma.
My favourite restaurants are:
The one I'm enjoying at the time.
On my current menu I have:
All that's seasonal and good from Wales
I love cooking because:
it gives pleasure to people.
If I wasn't a chef I'd be a:
My favourite web sites are:
The Staff Canteen, of course!
My favourite bands are:
whatever I'm listening to at the time.
My favourite cook books are:
The French Laundry Cookbook, Obsession, Paul Bocuse, A Slice of Wales!
I am currently listening to:
Lou Reed, Ce-lo Green, Runrig, Stranglers.
My top five songs of all time are:
'The Day the World turned Day- Glo', Goodnight Saigon, Pride (in the name of Love), We Don't Get Fooled Again, Fairytale of New York.
I support:
my family
Good food, wine and company. Positive people.
Intolerant, two- faced egomaniacs, bad food, organized religions. Negativity.
The last book I bought was:
The Sorcerer's Apprentices
Always staging, always learning.
We are looking for the following staff:
s*x- crazed foodies whose parents own a brewery or vineyard and who are prepared to work 90 hours a week for free!
My latest news:
Been to Noma- Amazing- well worth the wait! Also Geranium, Relae and The Paul!
Tell us a little about yourself:
What you get is what you see! All of it!
What are your interests:
Food, Wine,Both together, Rugby (Ymlaen, Scarlets!)
My bible cook book is:
Saulnier's Repertoire- that's how it SHOULD be!
My website is: