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Personal details

ben varley

Current Status:
damn you #chefpong! I have things to do you know!!

About Me

The best meal I've ever had is:
for my birthday at royal hospital road, everything was flawless. Fraiche in the Wirral was very inspirational too
My favourite restaurants are:
anthony's, royal hospital road, northcote, fraiche
On my current menu I have:
Ripley estate partridge, pickled blueberries, gingerbread
I love cooking because:
i get paid to play with food! nice customers also help from time to time
If I wasn't a chef I'd be a:
pot washer!!
My favourite web sites are:, staff canteen, msk, infusions4chefs
My favourite bands are:
old school hip hop
My favourite cook books are:
white heat, ideas in food, alinea, 11 Madison park, could go on and on
I support:
man utd
truffle, anything sweet, offal, motoerbikes, moto gp, coffee
bad time keeping, lying, vegetarians with leather hand bags
The last book I bought was:
11 Madison park
Tell us a little about yourself:
obsessive, compulsive, easily addicted to anything,
What are your interests:
motoerbikes, football, cooking and eating
My bible cook book is:
white heat
My website is: house