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Personal details

Ben Spalding

Current Status:
looking for pacojet, water bath,bread mixer, sous vide machines.. ideally brand new or mint condition.. spread word please

About Me

The best meal I've ever had is:
Per se New york, but i have also had exceptional meals at pied a terre, masa NY,robuchon, ledbury, the capital, maze le bernadin, ducasse, Too many to list
My favourite restaurants are:
Per se,
On my current menu I have:
Cardamom spiced brioche, sea buckthorn and vanilla curd clotted cream ice cream, pistachios
I love cooking because:
It takes real guts, passion and drive to succeed
If I wasn't a chef I'd be a:
dj, playing all sorts of dirty dirty tech house
My favourite web sites are:
dining in france, andy hayler, gordon ramsay, pied a terre,caterer search, staff canteen, the kitchenist, foodblog list,bloomberg (richard vines)
My favourite bands are:
Djs: all tech house/house
My favourite cook books are:
kitchen confidential. alinea. french laundry, gordon ramsay a 3 star chef
I am currently listening to:
ricardo villalobos, lo kee warehouse party mixes, ralph lawson, all the jamie jones and hot natured crew
My top five songs of all time are:
Kris Wadsworth "Crushed" a stunning, deep techy powerful house track, he is the most under appreciated artist right now
I support:
Spurs (tottenham) YID f*****g ARMY Real kings of north london and all that
Lazy cowboys, rapists, child molesters, bullies, dreamer chefs who come up with all "airs" "foams" and s**t but do not know how to season and cook a piece of fish properly or understand balance of flavour in a dish.
The last book I bought was:
Coco (100 great chefs) i did a fair amount of the dishes for the l'autre pied page
I have been to; l'enclume le manoir ,the capital under Eric Chavot, the fat duck, bagatelle (oslo)
We are looking for the following staff:
good cooks
My latest news:
Planning opening a Simon Rogan's Restaurant in may in london
Tell us a little about yourself:
Trained with the best (keller, ramsay, shannon bennett, marcus eaves, gary rhodes,) now pushing to join them. love my daughter and missus Tilda and laura. Live hard play hard. f*****g DONE YES!!?
What are your interests:
Michelin star food, well cooked food, house music,some minimal or dirty progressive djing, eating out, partying, wine, food, travel, tattoos, heavy weekend crack ons, fabric club,
My bible cook book is:
french laundry, it represents everything, that the legendary chef stands for, you can almost feel like your there when you read it.