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Brett Pistorius's Wall

Personal details

Brett Pistorius

Executive Chef
Current Status:
Brett Pistorius and The Ideal Home Show2014

About Me

The best meal I've ever had is:
My last supper when I cooked with family when leaving home to come work in the U.K. 10 years ago
On my current menu I have:
cheese cake
I love cooking because:
I like doing it.
If I wasn't a chef I'd be a:
with qualifications in Medical Virology
My favourite web sites are:
My favourite bands are:
Infected mushroom, and also a bit of Skazi, Metallica , nirvana, lits really
My favourite cook books are:
MPW White heat, and Marcus Wareing nutmeg & custard, alinea, flavour thesaurus
I am currently listening to:
The Gathering- Infected mushroom
My top five songs of all time are:
The chicken dance song Teenage dirtbag Nothing else matters Infected mushroom Classical Shosa losa
I support:
Hospitality Action Rugby union
The last book I bought was:
Flavour thesaurus
Restaurant Martin Wishart Riber hall Hambleton hall
My latest news:
Tell us a little about yourself:
I make desserts and chocolates
What are your interests:
Cooking, and the kitchen
My bible cook book is:
I carry it with need to every shift, my hand written, sad looking and scruffy leaver arched file. #alwayswrappedinclingfilmtobesafe
My website is: