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Delicious, bespoke, TRUEfoods: Thirty years in the making
Passion lies at the very heart of our established, chef-run business; we see it in our kitchen every day and you’ll discover it, too, when you cook with our delicious stocks, gravies, terrines and jus.
Our collection is created using trusted culinary principles. We have been simmering for over three decades, and now it has earned us a place on the menus of some of the country’s finest kitchens in restaurants, hotels, ships and leisure and sporting venues.

Each stock, sauce, jus, pate, terrine and pie we produce here in our kitchens deliver consistently on flavour and quality.
Offer your customers a quality, flavoursome starter with any one of beautifully crafted terrines, pates or pies. Michelin-starred chefs, along with hotel chains the world over, regularly buy our products and our food offers a luxurious dining experience, every time.