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Alexander Wood's Profile

Mackerel, baba ganoush, tabbouleh. Simple, fresh

Personal Details

  • Name:Alexander Wood
  • Occupation:
  • Location:Winchester
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About Me

The best meal I've ever had is:

Sketch a week after it opened, or my mums chilli when I was a kid

My favourite restaurants are:

Fat Duck, Texture, Alinea, WD-50, Aquavit, Hand and Flowers, Paul Ainsworth at no.6

On my current menu I have:

working on a nose to tail beef dish, incorporating my own streaky beef bacon

I love cooking because:

I don't know how to do anything else, although did start training to be a childminder whilst redundant, thank god I landed this job!!

If I wasn't a chef I'd be a:

a cook

My favourite web sites are:,,

My Favourite bands are:

Eagles, depeche mode, madness, doors, lily Allen

My favourite cook books are:

alinea, big fat duck cookbook, 366 menus by the baron brisse, repetoire, anything thats an interesting read, not turned on my just recipes anymore

I am currently listening to:

Christian O connels breakfast show on the radio, Hugh Laurie on the iPod

My top five songs of all time are:

Hotel California, Personal Jesus, Highway to Hell, Lifestyle of the rich and infamous, Iris

I support

Arsenal & many small hungry mouths


new techniques, great solid cooking, action movies, call of duty


laziness, stupidity, anyone who touches kids

The last book I bought was:

a day in the life of el bulli (signed), Noma a time and place in Nordic cuisine (which I also have signed)

My latest news:

recently become a Dad for the 5th time, enjoying life at the mo, even if it is without sleep.

Tell us a little about yourself

cooking was always too much like work. now I still do it but also get to play for a living. check the blog. Started my career on a youth training scheme in mid wales, after exhausting all the small hotels and restaurants in my area moved to epping and tried my hand at some pub work for a couple of years, then woke up one morning running a kitchen but with the realization I didn't really know how to cook, took a demi chef job at wentworth golf club and worked my way up to sous after 3 years. did a few short stints in restaurants around and about including ascot (won my first rosette) then down on the south coast in Broadstairs. got tired of seasonal and decided to try London before I got too old to start, took a sous Job in 2000 at One Aldwych, stayed for 7 years left as Head chef to help another hotel in the group Goodwood Park, after a year, a change of management and incredible short sightedness I was made redundant in 2009, 10 weeks of worry in a horrid climate then found me as Head Chef of St. Stephens club in central London, a small club with a great work/life balance with the freedom to cook as I chose without boundaries. which I now do, and also have the time to maintain my blog which encompasses more of the fun I am now having and getting paid for. oh happy days. I have been married for 13 years (would have only got 8 for manslaughter) to a great gal, and have 4 kids ranging from 2yrs to 13yrs, all of which make me very proud (some of the time) we cook regularly at home and other than that my life is spent on this website or fast asleep with a beer on the couch. again oh happy days.

What are your interests:

Food, my Kids, Food, Movies, Food, Food, Playstation, Food

My bible cook book is:


My website is: