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⁣Special Ingredients Are Suppliers Of The Finest Quality Specialist Food Ingredients & Flavourings To The Trade Throughout The United Kingdom, Europe & Worldwide. Due To The Range And Quality Of Our Products We Have Built A Customer Base Which Includes Some Of The Worlds Leading Chefs, Restaurants & Manufacturers. Offering The Most Innovative And Latest Products In Modernist Cuisine For The Best Price. Using The Power Of Nature And Science To Develop New And Exciting Concepts. Special Ingredients Are Very Proud Sponsors Of Westminster Kingsway College.

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Molecular Gastronomy Spherification Kit
Molecular Gastronomy Chef Kit
Molecular Gastronomy Cocktail Kit
Modern Gastronomy Kit
Modern Mixologist Cocktail Kit
Modern Gastronomy Kit
Modern Mixologist Cocktail Kit
Citric Acid
Lactic Acid Powder
Malic Acid
Tartaric Acid
Activated Charcoal Powder
Agar Agar
Beetroot Powder
Bicarbonate of Soda
Calcium Lactate
Calcium Sulphate
Carrageenan Iota
Carrageenan Kappa
Clear Edible Film Discs
Crackle Crystals Popping Candy
Crisp Film
Dextrose Powder
Glucose Syrup
Gum Arabic
Konjac Powder
Easy Whip (Comes with Free Recipe Book)
Molecular Collecting Spoon
Nitrous Oxide Cream Chargers
Natural CO2 Chargers
Hickory Liquid Smoke
Flavouring Oils
Flavour Drops
Gellan Gum F
Gellan Gum LT100
Guar Gum
Flavour Enhancer
Ice Cream Stabiliser
And Improver
Locust Bean Gum Powder
Magnesium Chloride
Methocel (Methylcellulose)
Pectin Powder
Pectinex Ultra SP-L
Propylene Glycol
Pure Blue
Rosella Wild Hibiscus Flowers
Silk Gel (Improves Ice Cream Sorbet, Bread, Sponge, Cake Texture)
Sodium Alginate
Sodium Citrate
Sorbitol Powder
Sunflower Lecithin Powder
Titanium Dioxide
Vanilla Extract Madagascan Bourbon
Vegetable Glycerine
Vegi Gel (Vegan Friendly Gelatine)
Wood Chips (For Smoking Guns)
Xanthan Gum (Extra Fine)