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RATIONAL is the world leader in combi steamer technology. We offer the people working in commercial kitchens the most beneficial solutions to their cooking tasks.
The new SelfCookingCenter 5 Senses has 30% more capacity, reduces waste by up to 20% and is as much as 70% more efficient than traditional cooking appliances. It is brilliantly simple to use and the cooking result is perfect every time. Call today to test drive the new SelfCookingCenter 5 Senses at a free RATIONAL CookingLive at a venue near you.
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Meadowland Professional block 250g is a blend of vegetable oil and buttermilk that tastes and performs just like butter. Use it for cooking, baking, frying and spreading.


Knorr is a range of ingredients that deliver essential flavours. From delicious stocks and sauces to gravies and bouillons, Knorr has it covered.

With Knorr's Passion for Taste, you can always be confident you're working with the best.


In 2013, our sales were £849.8 million*, delivering a Trading profit of £138.9 million. Branded products represent approximately 87% of sales while the remainder comes from sales of a range of non-branded products, principally to the UK’s major retailers.

We employ around 4,000 people operating from over 17 sites across the country.


Stoke-on-Trent based tableware manufacturer



As the leading bakery experts, we are incredibly proud of our products. It’s the proven combination of skilled craftsmanship, high quality ingredients and our unique savoir-faire, that enables us to guarantee such consistently delicious results for you and your customers.


The Ultimate Service Providers - Paul & Valda Goodfellow, former owners of a well-known distribution company are proud to launch their exciting new venture.

We intend to go back to our roots of providing a highly personalised service and supplying the best brands in tableware, clothing, technology and specialist product areas to those professionals who are looking for individuality and innovation.

We are delighted to have been chosen by De Berkel as the new distributor in the UK for their highly respected clothing range. We have assembled a tantalising collection of niche tableware brands, along with our 'Atelier de Table' and 'Concepts' services which will offer bespoke-produced products and solutions.


The Bocuse dOr, recognised as the Oscars of the Culinary World, is a biennial culinary competition established in 1987 by one of the world’s greatest chefs, Paul Bocuse. Since then, the Bocuse d’Or, has added three regional heats - Bocuse d’Or Europe, Bocuse d’Or Asia and Bocuse d’Or Latin America.


Created by chefs, for chefs, Essential Cuisine's range of premium, British-made stocks, jus, gravy, demi-glace and glaces provides kitchens with the peace of mind that their dishes will always shine, giving chefs the ability to do more with less, and the time and confidence to be more creative.


Based in London's New Covent Garden Market, Wild Harvest supplies the very finest seasonal ingredients to top restaurants around the UK.


Are you a confident young chef, under 23, and ready to show off your skills and boost your career prospects?



Great British Chefs is a premium brand that provides food lovers with great recipes, tips and How to Videos from the very best chefs in Britain.


Wagyu beef originated in Japan and is world renowned for having high marbling animals that yield quality cuts of meat that surpass all other breeds for tenderness and intramuscular marbling. This breed was originally Draft animals used in
cultivation and were selected for their physical endurance.


Adande is totally unique. There is no other fridge or freezer solution like it. At the push of a button you can change your Adande in 0.1°C increments to whatever temperature you need from +15°C to -22°C. Change to suit the menu, to suit the season, to suit all your needs. Consistent temperature control keeps food fresher for longer. Energy savings up to 60%! Free trials available.


Run by chefs for chefs we promote good practice in all areas of professional cookery. Membership is made up of over 400 chefs and we also have a growing number of college members working with us to ensure that we are working with the chefs of the future.


MSK Ingredients Ltd are widely held to be the market leaders in the supply of specialist food ingredients to the restaurant trade. We supply a wide range of high quality products from gourmet vanilla pods and exotic spices to natural and heat-stable flavours and speciality ingredients used in the spectacular world of molecular gastronomy.


The Clifton Food Range® provides professional chefs with sous vide equipment—developed and manufactured by Nickel-Electro, a brand leader in temperature-control laboratory and science equipment. The range offers users an unparalleled specific temperature control to produce consistently perfect results.


Create your sweet signature – Introducing Nestlé Docello Dessert Solutions.


An Oliver Harvey Chefswear garment is quite simply everything you would expect from a British designer


In the course of our company's history we have developed from a manufacturer and marketer of high-quality ceramic products into an internationally-renowned lifestyle brand. The strengths of our product range are its all-inclusive approach and high degree of diversification which are focused on the two concept areas "the single-source bathroom" and "the completely laid table ".


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