Iconic dishes by Gary Rhodes, 'the Chef's Chef'

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Editor 29th November 2019

Gary Rhodes was one of the forefounders of modern British cuisine. He was proud to cook British food at a time when French cuisine was the standard in Britain's fine dining restaurants. 

To celebrate his contribution to the industry, we've put together a list of iconic dishes to remember him by. 

Jaffa cake pudding

Gary's take on a British icon, this recipe appeared in Open Rhodes around Britain. 

"I can promise you these eat so well," the recipe reads.

"You might not be able to dunk them in your tea but when you’ve finished one you’ll be looking for another!"




Spotted dick

Invented in the 1800s, spotted dick is a staple of British cuisine.

The chef described it as "one of those puddings I would look forward to at school."

"The moist dough with currants or raisins topped with loads of custard (usually lumpy!) was a treat." 




In his cookbook Rhodes Around Britain, Gary said his version of the quintessentially British pickle pairs particularly well with oily fish like mackerel and herrings. 





Bread and butter pudding

The chef said this was his favourite dish from a young age, developping his recipe to replicate the memory of 'the tastiest plate of goodies ever.'





Braised oxtail 

Even though the sale of meat on the bone was banned in the UK at the time of his New British Classics cookbook was released in 1999, Gary declared braised oxtail to be his "new signature dish."

"I wanted to include the recipe anyway, against the day when oxtail is available again.”







Veggie sausage rolls

Gary Rhodes' made a cheese and onion sausage roll with cheddar and just a smidgeon of cayenne pepper. Thankfully perhaps, he steered clear of vegan sausage rolls. 





The  Staff Canteen

The Staff Canteen

Editor 29th November 2019

Iconic dishes by Gary Rhodes, 'the Chef's Chef'