How to make strawberry and passion fruit tartlets

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So we made the paste earlier we’re going to roll it off, were going to take our packets which are ready, which have been ready in the freezer or just out of a fridge, just open those up, very light dusting of flour place the pastry down, when you're rolling you roll from the centre out so it gets a bit more even and you can move around a little bit, tiny bit more but just flicking it over not dredging it. Okay so just line it out you want about 2-3 ml, roll it off nice and even, lift it up again make sure it is released just take your cutter, slightly larger than the mould you are going to use and just cut out your forms, try to get as many as you can out.

So onto your board what we’re going to do with these very quickly is just chill them slightly so that they've rested because they need to just relax again, okay so we’ve rested our pastry after rolling and cutting it so were just going to lightly greased these rings so just a little bit on the tray there just run my fingers round rather than making it so the pastry fries, now lining is very, very important in order to get it so that the tart shell doesn’t fall away because there’s a gap underneath you have to make sure it’s at 90 degrees, so push it all the way in, lift it back and then push it right into the edge of the mould, right into the crease so it’s got no void underneath you create this line that goes around the mould, make sure you get this line you can see there’s a line that’s been drawn in the pastry where if you lift it up you can see their right up to the side of the Mould, so it won’t slip away, you won’t have a slip tart okay very, very important that otherwise you’ll have these uneven tarts as your baking.

Okay so our tartlet cases have rested now, we’ve lined, we’ve made sure they are at 90 degrees alongside the tray and the sides of the rings so they won’t slip, now we’ve chilled them slightly now what we are going to do is get them ready for the oven for blind baking, you can use various things some people use cling film I do, some people don’t like it you can use muffin tin, you can use rice as the baking bean or baking bean you can buy the little metallic ones from the supermarkets or you can use flour, essentially all you do is you double line it, so you cut the cling film, fold it in half, fold it in half again, place a piece in the centre, so you’ve got the extra strength, now with the rice you just pour it straight into the centre of the ring and then you start to push it out, you put lot’s of rice inside so it keeps the form of the tart case itself, it hasn't got a chance to slip, it hasn’t got a chance to fall down, so we scrunch those up, push them down just make sure that pressed down they haven't got anywhere to go.

So just take your beans out the little packets than just take off your shell cases, place your tarts somewhere nice and cool to just rest, we’re just going to brush these out take a nice little brush, dip it into your chocolate and just literally very, very thin coat you don't want it to be too thick, because otherwise what happens is you go to cut the pastry and it’ll shatter because the paste will become too hard, so just gently brush in the chocolate just like so, wipe off the excess from around the edges so you don't see it on the tart on the finished tart and then you leave it there to set, we can place in a little bit of the passion and vanilla creme, you don’t want too much to start off with because we have to put the sponge in and everything else yeah, so just spiralling in making sure you get cream all the way to the edges nice, even layer, here we’ve got some pandian this time so like light almond sponge or a little dense almond sponge, then we brush that, we soak that so it doesn’t taste like a dry sponge, with a little bit of orange and passion fruit syrup, give another very small amount of cream just bring it to the same level as the sponge itself , it doesn’t necessary have to go above the sponge just so there’s not that dip between the sponge and the edge of the tart and with the tart cases just pick them up slightly, make sure it’s nice and even, clean off any excess the Spanish talk the talk I see just pick them up slightly make sure that much leaving clean off any excess.

Ok so I have our strawberries, take the tarts and just start to lay them in but when you lay them in don’t lay them all in the same way the building to ensure that you don't see any of the base or the cream, as much of the cream covered as possible and there’s pretty much our covered tart yeah, just take a little bit of fresh passion just feed them over the tarts not too much, here then again we have our glaze, just dab it on it’s just to seal what’s there. So we are going to go to finishing our tarts, a little bit of garnish nothing too major here now, I’m going to use a couple of pedals, so here you have our strawberry and passion fruit, a light sweet pastry shell, with our passion fruit and vanilla cream, a little bit sponge soaked with orange and passion fruit syrup, strawberries and a few flowers and little bit of cress.

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Editor 25th May 2017

How to make strawberry and passion fruit tartlets