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Editor 3rd November 2016

Jesse Dunford Wood discusses his role as Chef patron at Parlour and his own inspirations with regards to pursuing a career as a Chef.

Name: Jesse Dunford Wood

Jesse Dunford Wood

Place of work: Parlour

Role: Chef patron

Bio: Jesse Dunford Wood, renowned for his cooking style, independently owns and runs Parlour where he serves a combination of traditional pub grub dining with a quirky cosmopolitan edge featuring his nostalgic favourites. His restaurant aims to satisfy everyone’s cravings from late night desserts to British classics, there is an eclectic mix of dishes on offer.

Follow Jesse on Twitter here: @dunfordwood

Chef Skills

Jesse Dunford Wood takes us through her personal experiences whilst being in the Culinary Industry. These key skills that young Chefs and industry professionals learn as part of their basic training.

How long have you been in your current position?

Been cooking and fully independent at Parlour for over a year, been a gradual move from Chef partner of 1, 2 and then 3 sites to the independent owner of 1 site over the last 5 years.

What experience and how many years would someone need in order to progress to the top level of the industry?

Depends on their attitude, ambition, and a good slice of luck. An opportunity has a big part to play and you need to work in relevant businesses. Working in a big hotel and dreaming of your own 40 seat restaurant is not an easy transition. Go and work in places that are something like you want to open. Also try and work in some dream places to. Dream big!

Tea and Crumpets - Jesse Dunford Wood

What are your ultimate top five tips for someone looking to start a career in the hospitality sector?

1. Work harder than everyone else.

2. Read everything you can about the industry.

3. Eat out and often.

4. Throw yourself into the industry. Immersion is the best way to absorb I have found.

5. Don't be scared by the hours and the conditions. It is a wonderful industry!

Who are the key Chefs and restaurants that someone should be speaking to and trying to gain experience with?

 Go big and grand. Go small and intimate. It is a very varied industry with so many opportunities. Look at them all. Go fine dining (Ollie Dabbous), go gastro pub (Bull and Last, Ollie Pudney), go big brasserie (Wolsley) go contract catering.

What are you looking out for on a CV or in an interview if someone was applying to work with you?

Less about the CV for me, more about the person. There is no set wage here, really depends on the person and the attitude. Relevant experience is great, but not a requirement. Come and spend a day here and we will see.

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The  Staff Canteen

The Staff Canteen

Editor 3rd November 2016

Jesse Dunford Wood, Parlour