Roasted chicken wings, barbecued celeriac and koji, bonito vinegar, crispy chicken skin and katsuobushi jus gras recipe

Tim Allen

Tim Allen

17th January 2019

Roasted chicken wings, barbecued celeriac and koji, bonito vinegar, crispy chicken skin and katsuobushi jus gras recipe

Tim Allen will be cooking his roasted chicken wings, barbecued celeriac and koji, bonito vinegar, crispy chicken skin and katsuobushi jus gras recipe at The Staff Canteen Live 2019 at the NEC in Birmingham on January 22nd.

If you'd like to join us at the event, tickets are still available here:


  • For the chicken jus:
  • 2.5kg chicken winglets
  • 30g mirepoix
  • 5g olive oil
  • 7g garlic
  • 3g thyme
  • ½ bayleaf
  • 375g white wine
  • 500g water
  • 2.5kg chicken stock
  • For the katsuobushi jus gras:
  • 200g brown chicken jus
  • 180g katsuobushi oil
  • 1g salt
  • 10g mirin
  • 50g rice wine vinegar
  • For the bonito vinegar mayonnaise:
  • 100g bonito vinegar
  • 100g black garlic vinegar
  • 50g sake vinegar
  • 2.2g gellspa
  • For the koji mix:
  • 400g celeriac juice
  • 200g Tokyo-style koji
  • For the barbecued celeriac:
  • 900g celeriac
  • For the rosemary chicken skin:
  • 200g corn fed chicken skins
  • 12g rosemary powder
  • 5g salt
  • For the roasted chicken wings:
  • 8g garlic (microplane)
  • 1 zest of a whole lemon
  • 22g sea salt flakes
  • 6g rosemary
  • 2.2kg chicken wings (approx. 40)


Marinate all ingredients for the chicken wings 24 hours in advance.
The wings must be massaged all over with the marinade (Do not rub off the marinade)
Roast for eight to twelve minutes at 180°C on the outside of the wings (time depending of the size). Turn wings and rest.
Lightly press.
Blast chill.
To make the jus, roast the chicken winglets in olive oil and drain in colanders to remove the fat.
In a saucepan, caramelize the mirepoix in the olive oil.
Add the white wine and aromates and reduce until dry.
Add the water, chicken stock and 75% of the winglets and bring to the boil.
Skim all the impurities away and simmer for 2 hours.
Pass off through a chinois and then through single muslin.
Place in the fridge overnight and allow to set.
Remove all the set fat from the top of the stock and place back in a saucepan.
Bring up to the boil and skim away any impurities.
Reduce until a sauce consistency is achieved, and add the remainder of the chicken wings.
Gently simmer for 10 minutes, skimming all the time.
Finish with white wine and aromates and allow to stand for 10 minutes.
Pass off through muslin, over ice and then vack pack.
Store ready for use.
Wash and vaccum pack the whole celeriac.
Cook for 10 hours at 85C.
Reserve the liquid from inside the bag.
Set up bbq outside.
Bbq to be let allowed to burn until white coal.
Put celeriac on embers and keep turning until burnt black all round .
Allow to cool.
Cut into slices (40mm thick).
Cut into disc with 30mm disc cutter.
Cut into 8mm thick disc ready for plate.
For the katsuobushi jus gras, reduce the chicken jus down to 150g.
Slowly emulsify with the Katsuobushi oil.
Season with the salt, mirin and rice vinegar.
Keep warm, ready for service.
For the bonito vinegar mayonnaise, scale off all ingredients and beat and mix using handblender until thickened.
Strain through a superbag and a store in a squeezy bottle.
For the koji mix, reduce the celeriac juice to 50g.
Mix the koji with the celeriac reduction.
To make the rosemary chicken skins, begin by checking them and make sure to rid them of any hair or quills.
Place the skins in a mixing bowl with the rosemary and salt.
Mix well.
Lay the skins out flat between two cooling racks.
Bake in a pre heated oven at 160 degrees.
Cook the skins for 1 hour.
Remove from the oven and lightly press between tissue for approx 30 minutes to draw out any excess fat.

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