Tarte flambée

George Dingle

George Dingle

28th March 2019

Tarte flambée

Monsieur Benjamin's take on the Alsatian classic flammekueche, with bacon, onion and fromage blanc


  • For the Tarte: (shelf life: dough - 3 days) (30 orders)
  • 2000g bread flour
  • 1000g whole milk
  • 80g canola oil
  • 36g salt
  • For the fromage blanc spread (shelf life: 5 days) (# of orders)
  • 750g creme fraiche
  • 750g fromage blanc (Bellwether farms)
  • 7.5g salt
  • 7.5g microplane garlic
  • .5g nutmeg
  • For the Red wine vinaigrette (shelf life: 7 days) (# of orders: should be enough for weekend)
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 200g red wine vinegar
  • 50g dijon
  • 60g shallot
  • 8g salt
  • 12g sugar
  • 1g thyme leaves
  • 30 turns black pepper
  • .4g xanthan gum
  • 200g canola oil
  • For the topping:
  • Tarte
  • Fromage blanc spread
  • Bacon (raw, 3-3.5cm L x 1.5cm-2cm W x 1/2cm thick - flat lardons)
  • Onion (sliced thinly, rinsed briefly)
  • Spinach (Bloomsdale spinach, picked nice leaves)
  • Chopped fines herb (to be tossed with spinach)
  • Red wine vinaigrette
  • Parmesan (piece, microplaned on the pick up as garnish)
  • Gruyere (grated on box grater with large holes)
  • Fresh black pepper over the top


To make the tarte:
Combine all ingredients in the hobart.
Mix on low until dough comes together.
Knead with hands.
Rest for 1 hour minimum.
Sheet dough to 2 ½.
Cut dough 12” x 5”.
Dock dough.
Bake at 500F for 3 min. Fan 2.
Hold for assembly.
To make the spread, combine ingredients with spatula.
To make the vinaigrette,
Combine all ingredients in blender and hydrate xg on high for roughly 30 seconds.
Turn to med-low speed and emulsify oil.
Store in squeeze bottle for service.
Plate up directions:
Spread fromage on pre-cooked tart leaving a very little border.
Spread sliced onions over the fromage.
Sprinkle some gruyere.
Garnish with bacon.
Fire in service over at 420F on rational tray for 4 min.
On the pick up:
Sprinkle some gruyere over top.
Flash on a sheet pan rack until slightly charred and cheese is bubbling.
Garnish with microplane parmesan and fresh ground pepper.
Lightly dress spinach with red wine vinaigrette/fines herb and serve on small side bowl.

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