Vanilla poached salmon, cauliflower and nettle glaze, purple puree, pickled purple florets.

Rheberson Britto

Rheberson Britto

28th February 2019
Rheberson Britto

Vanilla poached salmon, cauliflower and nettle glaze, purple puree, pickled purple florets.

A popular choice due to its versatile flavour, salmon is a delicious addition to any recipe. Put your culinary skills to the test with the following Vanilla poached salmon, cauliflower and nettle glaze, purple puree, pickled purple florets recipe.


  • Serves 4
  • - 1 head of white cauliflower
  • - 1 head of purple cauliflower
  • - 250g unsalted butter
  • - 50ml fish stock
  • - 480g Atlantic Salmon
  • - 2 vanilla pods
  • - 1.5L EVOO
  • - 200g nettles
  • - 500ml apple cider vinegar
  • - 1tsp xanthan gum
  • - Samphire
  • - Sea purslane
  • - Parsley oil


Clean the salmon and portion into 120g rectangles fillets (skin on or off as desired).
(Process 1)
Pour 1.5L of olive oil into a medium deep container, clean the vanilla pods beans and mix it into the oil with the pods together, place the container in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 60 degrees, slowly place the salmon inside the oil (make sure its covered at least 3cm), place the container back in the oven for around 10-15 minutes. Once ready remove the salmon fillets, let it rest for a while then pat drain with cloths without rubbing.
(Process 2)
Repeat same preparation as above, instead of cooking in a container inside the oven, place the salmon portions inside individual vacuum pack bags, pour the vanilla evoo slowly until covers the fillets, seal the bags carefully not to lose anyway oil and place the bags into sous vide for 45 degrees for 12 minutes.
For the nettle vinegar, this stage requires a bit more of time and attention for the desired results. Place 200g of nettles into a jar and pour 500ml of apple cider vinegar ensuring the nettle leaves are completely immersed, cover the jar with parchment paper touching the liquid and then cover with a tight lid. (Same process can be done with Vacuum pack bags). Place the jar or the bags into a dark and cool place for around 3-6weeks making sure to stir/shake it occasionally, if the nettles soak the vinegar add more cider vinegar as needed. After this process, take the mixture and keep a bit for pickling the purple cauliflower florets and reduce the rest of vinegar until a thick and concentrated to a glazing consistency.
For the purple pickled florets, cut half of the head into florets to finger tips size keeping all the trimming and the stem for the puree, once florets are done place then into a container with the nettle vinegar mix and keep in the fridge (they will turn into a Pink colour). Repeat the same process for the white cauliflower and the other half of the purple but this time try to slice three times bigger florets keeping the stem attached to it, or simply slice through a mandolin.
Peel the stalks and blanch it in salted water or steam at 100C until soft but firm, once stalks are cooked, collect every single trimmings from both cauliflower, place into vacuum pack bags with a pinch of salt and butter, seal it and steam or cook into boiling water until everything in the bag is soft to your touch but not overcooked (purple cauliflower will lose colour when overcooked).
Remove the trimming from the bag straight to a blender and add a teaspoon of xanthan gum, start blending slowly until reaching a puree consistency and add ambient diced butter, fish stock and olive oil to taste and consistency as desired, blend for a few more minutes and pass through a fine chinois or sieve it into a flat container, cover the puree surface with parchment paper or cling film and blast chill it to keep the bright purple colour.
For serving:
Place the vanilla salmon fillet into a tray and let it rest for a few minutes under heating lights before plating and a dash of flaked salt.
Pan sear and season the white/purple cauliflower bigger florets until caramelized, add a bit of butter and picked Samphire to finish off, once ready place into a flat tray with J-cloth underneath, add flaked salt on the florets before being served.
Warm up the purple puree into a saucepan but do not let it get too hot or you may lose colour and taste.
Drain and rinse 2 little pickled purple florets.
Add a little dot of the nettle vinegar glaze on top of a seared floret white/purple.
Butter sautéed samphire and raw sea purslane.
When plating, use your feelings and imagination.

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