Blonde Pizza - Roasted Squash, Kale Pesto and Cashew


Blonde pizza souce

  • 75g Cashews 15g Colman’s English Mustard 2.25L 13g Knorr Paste Bouillon Vegetable 2x1kg (as sold) 500ml Water

Pizza base

  • 500g Strong Flour 15g Yeast 6g Salt 5g Demerara sugar 350ml Water 25ml Olive Oil

To Finish

  • 50g Cashews


Blonde pizza sauce

1. Whisk Knorr Paste Vegetable Bouillon into boiling water until dissolved and whisk in Knorr White Roux Granules
2. Blend with 100g of Cashew nuts and Colman's English Mustard to a smooth consistency

Pizza base

1. In tepid water dissolve yeast and demerara sugar
2. Add the above to 475g strong flour and salt. Mix to form dough
3. Knead for approximately 5 minutes till the dough is smooth and elastic
4. Place in bowl, drizzle over olive oil and leave covered in warm area to prove and double in size
5. Knock back dough, cut into 10 portions
6. Using rest of strong flour, roll and stretch each dough puck to cover a 20cm pizza tray

Roast squash and Kale Pesto

1. Peel and dice butternut squash into 2cm dice
2. Rub in seasoning and a little olive oil, roast in oven at 185c for 25 minutes
3. Blanch Kale for 20 seconds in boiling water, drain, refresh and dry
4. For Pesto, blitz 60g Kale, KNORR Professional Basil and Garlic Puree, olive oil and 75g cashew nuts


1. Heat Oven to 215c
2. Spread a thin layer of the blond sauce over the pizza's
3. Top with butternut squash, kale, cashew and drizzle over half the kale pesto
4. Cook for approximately 7-10mins
5. drizzle over rest over kale pesto and serve