Hay smoked fallow deer

Martin Zahumensky

Martin Zahumensky

16th December 2015

Hay smoked fallow deer

Hay smoked fallow deer: 4 portions


  • Hay smoked fallow deer:
  • Half saddle of fallow dear approximately 600g on the bone, 2 springs of rosemary and thyme, 1 clove of garlic, 20g salted butter, 100g hay, sea salt, crushed black pepper
  • Roasted butternut squash:
  • 1 medium size butternut squash, 50g of honey, 50g of maple syrup, sea salt, crushed black pepper, 1 spring of thyme
  • Medjool date paste:
  • 100g medjool pitted dates, 100ml whiskey, 150ml freshly squeezed orange juice
  • Confit potatoes:
  • 200g of small potatoes, 250ml clarified butter, 1 spring of rosemary, seas salt
  • Mustard and shallot puree:
  • 400g banana shallots peeled, 50ml water, 50ml whole milk, 5g sea salt, 40g wholegrain mustard, 10g Dijon mustard, 50g salted butter
  • Cinnamon jus:
  • Leftovers trim and bones from the saddle, 1 stick of cinnamon, 2 juniper berries, 20ml of sherry vinegar, 1litre white chicken stock, cooking oil, sea salt


Hay smoked fallow deer:

Butcher it down the saddle of fallow deer. Portion up the loin and all trimmings and bones we’ll use it for the sauce. The loin we cook it a la minute simply on the pan with some winter herb’s like thyme, rosemary, slightly crushed clove of garlic with nice caramelisation from all sides and finish it with butter then transform to warm tray with some hay which we burn it then cover the tray and keep it warm on the side. The protein is resting and infusing with the smoke of the burned hay in the same time. Then the loin cooked preferably to medium rare carve it and serve it.

Roasted butternut squash:

Peeled squash cut into wedges season up with honey, maple syrup, salt and thyme. Roast it until soft and nice colour reached approximately 20 minutes on 180c.

Medjool date paste:

Pitted dates we first marinate with burned whiskey and then cook it until soft in orange juice approximately 30 minutes on low heat. Blitz it and pass it through a fine sieve.

Confit potatoes:

Few little potatoes preferably Anya or Jersey Royal confit slowly with piece of rosemary in salted butter depends on size until soft.

Mustard and shallot puree:

Sliced shallots sweat down on butter with no colour, add milk with water and cook it until soft. Then blitz it up and pass it through fine sieve. Mix it up with mustards. Nice puree consistency should be reached.

Cinnamon jus:

Chopped bones caramelise on the pan with the trim cinnamon stick and few juniper berries until golden brown. Deglaze it with sherry vinegar and then few times with basic white chicken stock until nice syrupy consistency is reached. Pass it through chinois and season up with salt.

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