Healthy whole nut chocolate by Stacie Stewart

Stacie Stewart

Stacie Stewart

24th July 2015

Healthy whole nut chocolate by Stacie Stewart

Healthy whole nut chocolate


  • Melt the cacao butter in a double boiler nice and slowly, don't let it get too hot so keep an eye on it.
  • Stir in everything else
  • Pour into a clingfilm lined tray, or a foil disposable, make sure the hazelnuts are equally dispersed.
  • Chill until set.


200g toasted hazelnuts, they really need to be toasted as the flavour is a million times better. If you have bought untoasted simply add them to a medium heat frying pan and fry for around 5 minutes until golden all over, shake/rub off the skins if they have them on after toasting.

200g raw cacao butter (again online or Holland and barrett)

100g coconut sugar or maple syrup

sea salt (develops the flavour of chocolate so much, I prefer pink salt but sea salt flakes are fine)

1tsp vanilla

60g raw cacao powder