Kittridings Rabbit, Apply jelly and Carrot Espuma

North West Young Chef of the Year

North West Young Chef of the Year

Standard Supplier 22nd March 2012
North West Young Chef of the Year

Kittridings Rabbit, Apply jelly and Carrot Espuma

Main course cooked by Reece Kirkham during the 2012 Cumbria Heat of the North West Young Chef Competition sponsored by Essential Cuisine.


  • Stuart Lamberts Rabbit
  • Goosnargh chicken (1 fillet)
  • Wild mushrooms (75g)
  • Palma ham (2 slices)
  • Cream (250ml)
  • Salt (10g)
  • Carrots (x7)
  • Agar Agar (10g)
  • Gelatine leaves (2 leaves)
  • Baby carrots (x6)
  • Mange tout (x6)
  • Cumbrian Lobster (Muncaster)
  • Plain flour (200g)
  • Corn flour (200g)
  • Water (250 ml)
  • Ice (50g)
  • Pea shoots (a few sprouting leaves)
  • Ratte potato (1 potato)
  • Veal stock(500ml)
  • Chicken stock(500ml)
  • Brandy (50ml)
  • Granny smith apples (2 apples)
  • Citric acid (5g)
  • Butter (40g)
  • Lemons (x2)
  • Sunflower oil (50ml)
  • Onion (x1)


Rabbit - take fillets, kidneys and livers out. Then with a boning knife take off the legs and the bottom half of the carcase where the hips join together.
Then take the top half of the carcass by working down the ribs and cutting through the skin. You should now be left with the saddle.
Keep all the bones for the Brandy sauce.
With the saddle follow round the rabbits three back bones staying as close to the bone as possible. Do that for both sides then work upwards coming through the skin and you should have a saddle with no bones.
Make your chicken mousse, pipe in the saddle between the loins and roll between Palma ham. To serve pan fry in hot pan and serve two slices per person.
Season with Maldon Salt.
Chicken Mousse - put the robo coupe in the fridge for 20mins.
Pan fry mushrooms and place on a tray in the fridge.
Take skin of breast and dice it up then blitz it up with the mushroom, kidneys and liver. Add a little bit of cream to bind the mousse together. Check your mousse by wrapping it up in cling film and cooking in a pan off water. If the texture is chalky then add more cream. Place in fridge when rabbit is prepared
Baby carrots - blanch in a pan of boiling water add salt and sugar. Cook carrots for 3mins, then rub off the skin and place in a bowl with salad dressing. Leave to cool.
Carrot Espuma - juice carrots into a pan. Soak two gelatine leaves in water. Then bring the pan to the boil and take 50ml of juice out. Dissolve your gelatine by bringing the pan of 50ml juice to the boil and whisking in your gelatine. Stir that into the rest of the mixture; add cream, salt and pepper. Pass through chinoix into Espuma gun and fill it with three gas chargers. Sevre hot.
Apple jelly - get a pan of boiling water on add sugar. Peel your apples and chop as fine as possible. Place into pan of boiling water and add agar-agar and citric acid. Cook until soft, blitz in Blitzer and pass through a chinoix. Put apple jelly in piping bag and leave in fridge.
Mange tout - slice bottom half off and blanch in boiling water for 2mins, drain off water and dress in vinaigrette place in a ball and leave in fridge.
Cumbrian Lobster - take lobster and cut between the eyes to kill it. Snap of the tail and take the vein out by cutting at the bottom of the tail and pulling out. Cook in boiling water for 5-7mins depending on the size. Take out of pan and put in ice water to stop the cooking process. Take both claws off and take the pinser out. Crack at the top of the claw with the back of your knife and gently pull the claw out of its shell, keeping it whole. With the tail you should crack the shell in-between your hands and peel the rest of the shell off. At this point you should keep all your shells and juices for your sauce. Cut your lobster tail in half and serve one half each per person. To serve the claws roll in flour, lemon juice and salt. Deep fat fry until crispy. For the tail cook in foaming butter and finish with lemon juice and salt.
Brandy jus - get a hot sauce pan and fry you veg off and your meat. Drain the oil off and put the same pan back on the heat. Add brandy to the sauce pan and your stocks. Then you should add your sealed rabbit and lobster shells then reduce.
Ratte potato - blanch in boiling water for 8-9 mins. Keep peel on and serve hot pan fried in foaming butter, season with salt and pepper.
Tempura Batter - plain flour and corn flour mixed together make a well in your ball and gently stir in your iced soda water, season with salt and pepper

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