Moelleux au chocolat

Paul Calder

Paul Calder

21st July 2011
Paul Calder

Moelleux au chocolat

Ingredients & preparation methods (4*portions)
1 - Moelleux au chocolat: Hot sweet chocolate
2 - Caramel exotic Algin Gelatine
3 - Appareil chocolat Blanc Satin
4 - Crème chocolat Blanc coco
5 - Caramel exotic
6 - Caramel exotic cheesecake
7 - Crème de cassis marbles
8 - Tuile dentelle croustillantes amandes
9 - Chocolate dirt
10 - Vanilla & White Chocolate Crémeux
11 - Crème mangue
12 – Crispy banana


  • Moelleux au chocolat: Sweet chocolate
  • Unsalted Scottish butter 27.5g
  • Cacao Barry Origin Tanzanie 75% 69g
  • Organic Egg white 61.5g
  • Sugar 14g
  • Organic Egg yolk 27.5g
  • Melt unsalted butter and Cacao Barry Tanzanie.
  • Make meringue by egg white and sugar
  • Add egg yolk to 1. And then add 2.
  • Pour 3. To tray and freeze it.
  • Bake by oven before using.
  • Caramel exotic Algin Gelatine
  • 40g Caramel exotic purée
  • 10g mineral water
  • 12.5g sugar
  • 0.8g Algin
  • 0.3g powdered citric acid
  • 0.3 g Gluco
  • 0.3g Citras
  • Mix the sugar with dry Algin and add to the apricot purée, Citras and water in a saucepan.
  • Heat up stirring constantly to 70°C approximately.
  • Add Gluco and the citric acid, stir.
  • Pour into a container and set aside 3 hours in the fridge.
  • Apply the blender and pour onto a mould.
  • Set aside at -18 °C until use.
  • Appareil chocolat Blanc Satin:
  • Cacao Barry Mycryo 20g
  • Cacao Barry Blanc Satin 60g
  • Melt Mycryo and Cacao Barry Blanc Satin.
  • Crème chocolat Blanc coco:
  • Scottish Milk 25g
  • Coconut pulp 4g
  • Cacao Barry Blanc Satin 41.5g
  • Agar .6g
  • Scottish Cream 46g
  • Roast coconut pulp and add flavour of the coconut to milk and agar
  • Boil 1. And then emulsify it and Cacao Barry Blanc Satin.
  • After cooling down 2, mix it to whipped cream
  • Caramel exotic
  • Sugar 107g
  • Glucose 60g
  • Scottish Cream 28g
  • Sea salt 1g
  • Vanilla beans 1piece
  • Unsalted Scottish butter 30g
  • Blueberry fruit puree 92g
  • Mango puree 27g
  • Coconut pulp 27g
  • Make caramel by using sugar, glucose syrup and salt
  • Add unsalted butter to 1. And then add cream.
  • After adding 3 kinds of puree to 2, boil them to 108 ?
  • Caramel exotic cheesecake
  • Buttered caramel exotic 15g
  • Sugar 30g
  • Agar agar 4g (only add if adding to mould)
  • Crème De Banane 10ml
  • Lemon finely zested .1
  • Vanilla .4 pod
  • Mascarpone 125g
  • Philadelphia Cream Cheese 100g
  • Using a blender puree agar with the caramel, sugar, crème de banana, lemon zest and vanilla seeds and then warm to 70c
  • Place the cream cheese and mascarpone in mixer with whisk, and mix in puree
  • Do not over mix.
  • Blueberry coulis
  • Cassis 42.5g
  • Blueberries 1 pun net
  • Sugar 10g
  • Pectin NH .75g
  • Vanilla seeds .25 pods
  • Mix the sugar with the pectin.
  • Boil the cassis and blueberries with the sugar-pectin mixture.
  • Add in the vanilla seeds.
  • Boil up to the half.
  • Crème de cassis marbles
  • Algin bath
  • Water 200g
  • Algin 1.2 doses
  • Crème de cassis marbles
  • Cassis 60g
  • Gluco 1.8 doses
  • Xantana .1 dose
  • 100g cassis (to keep marbles in)
  • Mix water with Algin using electric mixer and leave for 2 hours.
  • Dissolve Gluco in 60g of cassis, add Xantana and shred with mixer.
  • Leave to stand for 24 hours in refrigerator.
  • Fill the syringe with the cassis mix and drip drops into Algin bath.
  • Leave in bath for 3 minutes, rinse well and leave for 2 minutes in water bath.
  • Lastly take spheres out of water and keep in a container with the 50g of cassis.
  • Crème mangue
  • Mangue puree 125g
  • Sugar 7.5g
  • Cacao Barry Beurre de cacao Mycryo 14g
  • Agar 1g
  • Mix mangue coulis and sugar, and then add heat to 70 ?.
  • Add Cacao Barry Mycryo and agar to 1.
  • After melting both, emulsify them.
  • Tuile dentelle croustillantes amandes or sesame seeds:
  • Sugar 150g
  • Pectin 2.5g
  • Unsalted Scottish butter 100g
  • Glucose 50g
  • Mineral water 50g
  • Some sliced almond OR sesame seeds
  • Add heat to unsalted and glucose syrup, add sugar and pectin. And then, boil them.
  • Add mineral water to 1. And boil again.
  • Cool down 2.
  • Thin 3 by chablon and put sliced almond. And then bake it by oven. After baking, make it curve.
  • Isomalt
  • Place 100g of Isomalt into a clean pan. Stir continuously over a low heat until Isomalt has melted.
  • Bring the Isomalt to boiling point and then add 60g of liquid glucose. Continue to heat the solution until it reaches 180c.
  • Pour the solution over a lightly oiled silicon mat and allow setting. When the Isomalt has cooled, break into small pieces and store in airtight container.
  • To use Isomalt place one place one piece under a 250 watt infrared lamp until soft and pliable. At this stage, the Isomalt can be pulled, shaped or blown in the same way as cane sugar.
  • Isomalt crystals
  • Use heated solution of 180c.
  • Hold pan high and pour solution very slowly onto liquid nitrogen while whisking continuously.
  • Chocolate dirt
  • Chocolate
  • 10g malto (maltodextrin)
  • Melt chocolate, add 10 grams malto mix
  • Crispy banana
  • Small banana
  • Batter mix
  • Crunchy batter
  • 230 g thick wheat four
  • 70 g Trisol
  • Mix the ingredients well.


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