Passion fruit souffle

Sean O'Hara

Sean O'Hara

12th January 2011

Passion fruit souffle

Great Souffle,quick and easy to make. very stable for a long time once piped into ramekins. interchangeble base for any fruit souffle


  • 500ml of carton passionfruit juice reduced to 125ml
  • 17.5g cornflour moistned with a little water
  • 140g egg whites
  • 15g sugar
  • small squeeze of lemon
  • whipped butter to line ramekins
  • praline to line ramekins


bring passion reduction to boil then remove pan from heat and whisk in cornflour.
return pan to stove and keep whisking on medium heat untill thickened then use a maurice to keep mixing and cook cornflour out, 1-2 minutes. put mix in suitble bowl to incorporate whites. this is your base.
while doing this start the egg whites working on low to medium speed. once half whipped add sugar a little at a time and gradually increase speed.
once egg whites are at optimum volume add lemon juice to stabilise. only carry on mixing untill lemon is properly incorporated then stop mixing. over mixing at this stage will make your souffle much firmer rather than a nice light finish.
using the base while still warm helps to prevent lumps, cooks quicker and produces a far supirior souffle.
take a quarter of your whites and a vigorously whisk into base ensuring no lumps remain.
gradually fold in remaining egg whites making sure mix is well incorporated, don't be scared to knock it about a bit.
brush ramekins with whipped butter and line with praline. praline adds a nice flavour but also ensures the mix really doesn't stick unlike sugar alone.
pipe in mix, srape even with pallet knife, rim with your thumb, thoroughly clean ramekin and bake @180 for 5 minutes. turn souffle after 4 minutes.
This mix is fantastic and can be used for any other fruit based souffle using boirons though you don't need to reduce and may need to add a little extra sugar.
All our souffle's are made to order in this mannor which highlights how quick and easy it is to make. I hope you enjoy!!

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