Pork tenderloin, pickled apple sauce, broccoli.

Scott Okeefe

Scott Okeefe

2nd March 2020

Pork tenderloin, pickled apple sauce, broccoli.

120 min

Serves 1.


  • 1x pork tenderloin 6x Braeburn apples 590g tender-stem broccoli 1 or 2 Pieces of star anise Sugar to taste Sherry vinegar


pork loin

Wrap pork loin in Parma ham. Lay clingfilm flat on the table, place piece of Parma ham down slightly overlapping until you have the length of your loin. Place loin on top slowly rolling to make sure it is kept tight.
Cook pork loin in the pan until Parma ham is nice a crispy and allow to rest. Should only take 8-9 minutes rest for a good 7 minutes slice and assemble plate.

apple sauce

Peal, cone and chop apples. Sweet down in a pan with a few tbsp of sugar and the star anise. Once soft add 2 tbsp of sherry vinegar- taste for seasoning. Remove star anise blend until smooth and silky - I add a few knobs of butter whilst blending.

I serve with fondant potatoes braised in butter, cider thyme and garlic.