Roast Sirloin of Longhorn Beef with nasturtium pastrami oyster & pickled cockles

Mary-Ellen McTague

Mary-Ellen McTague

1st May 2014

Roast Sirloin of Longhorn Beef with nasturtium pastrami oyster & pickled cockles

As an incredibly popular meat within the UK, beef recipes are vast and varied. With a range of beef cuts to consider as well as cooking methods and flavour pairings, beef recipes are varied in flavour, texture and preparation time - give this one a try for yourself! Recipe for roast Sirloin of Longhorn Beef with nasturtium, pastrami, oyster & pickled cockles.


  • Beef Sauce:
  • 5kg beef rib scraps
  • 2kg beef rib bones
  • 1 pot beef dripping
  • 2kg onions, thinly sliced
  • 2kg carrots, thinly sliced
  • 100g button mushrooms
  • 7g star anise
  • Potatoes:
  • 2.5kg Aura or Salad Blue or Royal Kidney potatoes
  • 2 pots dripping
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • ½ bunch thyme
  • Oyster dressing:
  • 6 oysters
  • 15g oyster juice
  • 150g highland rapeseed oil
  • Lemon juice
  • Beef Dressing:
  • 50g beef sauce
  • 50g rapseed oil
  • 7g lemon juice
  • Vinegar jelly for cockles
  • 200g vinegar
  • 0.8g agar
  • 0.5g LT100
  • Batter:
  • 100g Dove’s farm gluten free flour
  • 130g rice flour
  • 22g malt vinegar
  • 145g vodka
  • 130g beer
  • 10g salt


1. Roast beef scraps and bones in 180°C oven
2. Caramelise onion and star anise together in beef dripping
3. Sweat carrots until soft and slightly coloured in beef dripping
4. Sweat mushrooms and add to stock
5. Add place meat and veg into gastros and cover with boiling water. Cover overnight at 100°C in combi oven.
6. Siphon stock through double muslin then leave to settle for an hour.
7. Remove fat from surface then pour into stock pot to reduce to approx 10% of original volume, skimming very often to keep the sauce clear
8. Clarify the reserved fat from the stock by heat gently to evaporate liquids and skimming any scum then pass and set aside for finishing the sauce.
9. When the sauce has reduced to the required flavour and consistency, finish by blitzing 10% beef fat and infusing with thyme.
10. Pass through muslin again into a clean container, chill and refrigerate or bag and freeze.
1. Place the dripping, garlic and thyme into a saucepan and heat until simmering. Turn heat down so fat is warm but not bubbling and leave to infuse for 30 minutes.
2. Strain fat through muslin and set aside.
3. Scrub the potatoes well and cut into halves, or quarters if large.
4. Double bag the potatoes in boil bags with some of the infused dripping, place into boiling water and weigh down to keep submerged.
5. Simmer until potatoes are soft then empty bags onto a perforated tray with a gastro underneath to catch fat.
6. Break into small, evenly sized pieces for service, and fry slowly until evenly coloured in infused dripping to order, then season well with fine and coarse salt.
Oyster dressing:
1. Open oysters and wash in their own juice 4-5 times, passing juice each time.
2. Blitz oysters and 15g juice.
3. Add oil very slowly as the emulsion splits easily.
4. Add lemon juice to taste, then add more oyster juice as necessary to achieve correct consistency.
5. Pass into a clean container then vac pack to remove air.
6. Decant into a squeezy bottle and refrigerate until required.
Beef dressing:
1. Warm sauce, add oil and lemon juice and place in a squeezy bottle then keep warm.
Vinegar jelly for cockles:
1. Place ingredients in thermo
2. Heat to 100°C and hold for 30 seconds
3. Pour onto large flat trays to set in a thin layer
4. Cut into squares and refrigerate for max 5 days
1. Whisk together just before use
2. Pass a little at a time through a fine sieve.
Pickled Cockles:
1. Flame off cockles for a few seconds in plenty of smoking oil
2. Put straight into ice water
3. Pick down cockles
4. Wrap in a sheet of vinegar, roll in flour then batter and deep fry for no more than 1 minute.
Mustard Leaves:
Dress with salt, rapeseed and lemon juice.

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