Scotch Beef bavette steak with Jerusalem artichokes and shitake mushrooms



Standard Supplier 17th April 2015

Scotch Beef bavette steak with Jerusalem artichokes and shitake mushrooms

As an incredibly popular meat within the UK, Scotch Beef recipes are vast and varied. With a range of Scotch Beef cuts to consider as well as cooking methods and flavour pairings, Scotch Beef recipes are varied in flavour, texture and preparation time - give this one a try for yourself! By Jonathan Macdonald, Ox and Finch. In association with Quality Meat Scotland. Photography by Guy Hinks.


  • • 1 whole Scotch Beef bavette (1kg+)
  • • 1kg of large Jerusalem artichokes
  • • Semi skimmed milk
  • • Double cream
  • • 200g shitake mushrooms (halved)
  • • Unsalted butter
  • • 4 sprigs of thyme
  • • Transglutaminase
  • • Duck fat
  • • 100ml of chicken stock
  • • Oil for frying


• The day before, prep the Scotch Beef bavette steak by cleaning up any sinew or fat from the meat, then halve the meat directly down the middle following the large grains of meat.

• Dust each side with a little transglutaminase and roll very tightly in cling film, refrigerate overnight.

• The following day, scrub the Jerusalem artichokes to remove any dirt, slice very thinly on a mandolin, reserving one or two large artichokes.

• Place the sliced artichokes in a pan and cover with half cream and half milk, season lightly and cover with baking parchment- cook very slowly over a low heat taking care not to let the milk or cream catch on the bottom of the pan.

• Once up to the boil remove from the heat and leave to cool down slightly and infuse. Strain through a conical strainer (reserving the liquor) and then blend in a food processer adding a little of the reserved liquor if needed. Gradually add a couple of knobs of butter whilst blending until you have a silky smooth puree- keep warm.

• With the two remaining artichokes slice them even thinner than the previous artichokes and fry in vegetable oil until golden brown and crispy, season and set aside.

• Portion the Scotch Beef bavette into roughly 150g discs, place in a vac-pac bag along with a little duck fat and a thyme sprig. Cook these in the water bath at 52c for 30 mins.

• When ready remove from the bag and pat dry with kitchen paper, season with salt and sear in a smoking hot pan taking care to move the Scotch Beef steak around very quickly so not to overcook on any of the sides, add in the shitake mushrooms to the pan, quickly followed by butter and thyme. Remove the Scotch Beef steaks and leave to rest.

• Keep moving the mushrooms about in the foaming butter until cooked. Strain through a conical strainer and put straight back into the pan, deglaze with the chicken stock and season. Remove from the heat.

• Carve the rested Scotch Beef bavette steaks in half and season with sea salt and cracked black pepper.

• Spoon two tablespoons of artichoke puree on to warmed plates, top with the Scotch Beef bavette and then the mushrooms, spoon a little of the mushroom/chicken/buttery emulsion round the side and garnish with the artichoke crisps