Seafood Seasonal update - September 2017

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Editor 27th September 2017


Trending Now: Simplicity is the key

Matt Worswick, the Latymer cooking Scottish Blue Lobster

Matt Worswick, the Latymer 

cooking Scottish Blue Lobster

“Simplicity of preparation is the key to letting natural flavours and shine”, says Matt Worswick, head chef at the Latymer, Pennyhill Park Hotel in Bagshott, Surrey. When using world class high quality natural ingredients, leading chefs see themselves as the conduits, the “middleman”-a trend driving style and dishes on menus at the moment.

Matt features Isle of Gigha halibut and Orkney scallops, which he says he would never source from anywhere else. He simply poaches Scottish farmed halibut in brown butter and pan-fries his scallops. 

Prior to the Latymer, Matt was at Glenapp Castle in Scotland when it gained a Michelin Star- here he learned to appreciate Scottish seafood and still continues to source it for his menu.

“Shellfish from Scotland is the best in the world,” he says. “Not only due to its flavour but also because stocks are responsibly managed: welfare is massive in Scotland. It is super fresh and it arrives here in the middle of Bagshott, Surrey, smelling of nothing but the sea. It’s just amazing. Why would I source from elsewhere?”

“I’m just the middleman between the fish and the plate,” he says. “You want to complement its natural flavour, not take it away.”

…watch out for the next recipe films with Matt using Scottish seafood over the next few months.

Species in Season




Scotland produces some of the world’s finest seafood from the cool clean waters of its deep lochs and surrounding seas. Take a look at what else is available from Scotland here.

Meet the Skipper

Meet the Skipper David Gatt

Whitefish skipper David and

his young boys in

front of the Audacious 

As he prepared to head out to the deepest waters of the North Sea to load his trawler called the Audacious with MSC-accredited haddock and cod, foremost on skipper David Gatt’s mind was the potential aftermath of Hurricane Irma and Maria. Although the strength of the gusts that devastated the Caribbean Islands earlier this month have died down, he and his cousin and co-skipper had to factor in the possibility that the wind could be stronger than usual at this time of year.

“It’s starting to get a wee bit rougher, but this trip out we’re expecting extra low pressure from the North Atlantic” said David. With an eight man crew, his job is to make the right call between their safety and netting as much fish as possible.

“The wind is the only thing that bothers us, but it doesn’t stop us going to sea. Shooting and hauling the nets in windy conditions does dictate what you’re going to catch. It’s a risk-reward situation,” explained David.

“It’s the job I was born into and such things are part of our life, so we don’t think about it too much. As long as I know people are enjoying the fish we land, that’s reward enough.”

Scotland produces some of the world’s finest seafood from the cool clean waters of its deep lochs and surrounding seas. Take a look at what else is available from Scotland here.

CLICK HERE If you would like a copy of the Seafood Seasonal Guide for your kitchen  or  help on fishing methods, sustainability or advice on sourcing Scottish seafood for your restaurant, get in touch: [email protected], 0131 557 9344.

Article written by Cate Devine, Scottish based food writer for 25 years @CateDvineWriter

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The  Staff Canteen

The Staff Canteen

Editor 27th September 2017

Seafood Seasonal update - September 2017