Recipe: Raspberries and Chocolate Mousse by Adam Handling

Les Vergers Boiron

Les Vergers Boiron

Standard Supplier 17th December 2018

Recipe: Raspberries and Chocolate Mousse by Adam Handling

This creamy and delicious chocolate mousse recipe from chef Adam Handling is accompanied by nitro raspberries and a basil garnish. For your free sample of Les Vergers Boiron fruit puree - email


  • Chocolate mousse
  • 750g 64% Dark Chocolate
  • 150g 38% Milk Chocolate
  • 600g Cream
  • 8 Yolks
  • 100g Sugar
  • 900g Semi-whipped Cream
  • Raspberry snow
  • 100ml Les Vergers Boiron Raspberry puree
  • 100ml water
  • 1 lime – juiced
  • mix all together and cover in liquid nitro and mix again
  • Raspberry sorbet
  • 300ml Les vergers Boiron Raspberry puree
  • 2 whole limes juiced
  • 75g nappage
  • 1 egg white
  • Raspberry gel
  • 200ml Les vergers Boiron Raspberry puree
  • 100ml “50-50” simple syrup
  • 3g agar
  • Garnish
  • As required Fresh basil


For the chocolate mousse:
• Boil the cream, pour over chocolate and make a ganache
• Make a sabayon with yolk and sugar
• Add it to the ganache
• Fold the semi-whipped cream
• Sit in container and spoon on plate
For the raspberry snow:
• Mix all ingredients together and cover in liquid nitro and mix again
For the raspberry sorbet:
• Mix all the ingredients except egg whites and add to ice cream machine
• When sorbet is almost finished, drop in the egg white to increase velocity
For the raspberry gel:
• Mix all together and bring to the boil
• Allow to cool and blend

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