Polenta Ravioli

The Culinary Project “Assi nella Manica”

The Culinary Project “Assi nella Manica”

Standard Supplier 10th February 2016

Polenta Ravioli

Limewood Hotel's head chef, Luke Holder shares his recipe for polenta ravioli with pasta.


  • Polenta Ravioli Mix:
  • 300g polenta
  • 300g aged parmesan
  • 2500ml water
  • 100g butter
  • 50ml of olive oil
  • Pasta:
  • 200g flour
  • 9 egg yolks
  • Artichokes
  • Oven dried tomato
  • Truffles


Polenta Ravioli Mix:

Bring the water to the boil and then sprinkle in the polenta, cook out for 1 hour then blend with the parmesan, butter and olive oil. Pass and set in fridge within piping bags.


Mix the eggs with the pasta flour, form a dough allow to rest.

Roll out the pasta. Cut the end off the piping bag and pipe a 1cm thick line of chilled polenta mix along the center of the rolled pasta sheet.

Roll the sheet over and seal the pasta. Pinch at 1cm intervals. Cut using a fluted cutter through the pinched pieces.

Boil the pasta for 2 minutes in seasoned water.

Bring a little bit of water with the truffle butter to the boil, to form an emulsion.

Dress with the cooked artichokes and oven dried tomato. Shave liberally with truffles.