5 Hot Locations To Open A Restaurant



Standard Supplier 27th August 2019

5 Hot Locations To Open A Restaurant

Which areas are hot investments right now?

When you mention the town of Marlow, the first thing that people think of are the restaurants there. Marlow was an unusual spot for a culinary hot spot. The small town, however, is now a destination spot for foodies. As the famous Heston Blumenthal drew attention to this town, other restaurant owners followed taking advantage of the hype that was created.

There are other towns across the UK that have also gained this kind of attention. ‘What’s hot’ also changes monthly when it comes to food. So, if you’re hoping to invest in a restaurant, where should you do it?

1. London

London, of course, is a great spot to set up your restaurant. New and innovative restaurants are popping up all over the city every day. That also means, however, that there are places that are closing as they can’t keep up with the competition and the changing trends in the city.

You need to be able to choose the right area in London to set up shop. Keep up to date with the trends and give customers a reason to come to you over someone down the road.

Areas like Borough Market and Brixton have gained reputations as destination food spots in the city. Establishing a restaurant here will mean taking advantage of the already existing foot traffic.

You can, however, expect that rents have already crept up because of this. When it comes to high quality cuisine and Michelin started restaurants, though, London comes out top in the UK.

2. Cornwall

Cornwall gets attention not only for the beautiful coastline but also for the standard of eating spots that have settled themselves in the county.

In 1975, Rick Stein opened a seafood restaurant in Padstow and used fish that was caught locally in the dishes that were served. This led to more outlets of his in the town and, soon, Padstow began appearing on the gastronomic maps!

Port Isaac is another picturesque town that is a spot revered by eaters in the know. Restaurant Nathan Outlaw is an impressive restaurant that is known for its seafood.

This county has been drawing in tourist in droves and this is something that is set to continue. With the ground already set, your restaurant could be part of the culinary buzz in the county.

3. Brighton

This seaside town has changed completely when it comes to its food scene. It used to be forgettable fish and chips and oily pizza but now, the town has become home to sophisticated restaurants worthy of note.

If you like to eat meals made with locally sourced ingredients, Brighton is the perfect town to visit. Expect cheese from local organic farms and vegetables straight from the vine.

Entrepreneurs to whom this type of restaurant appeals would be an easy addition to the culinary scene in Brighton.

4. Ludlow

Ludlow is a town that is surrounded by some of the very best produce. This is part of the reason that it has become so well known for its restaurants. The town is ladened with Michelin stars and AA Rosettes and draws in people from all over the world to sample what is on offer.

The town is also home to the Ludlow food festival that happens once a year. But all year round there are a lot of restaurants that draw in customers- The Unicorn, Mortimers, Chang Thai, just to name a few.

5. Glasgow

This Scottish city has a booming food scene. This might surprise some who are only familiar with the Glasgow of a decade ago. However, the West End of the city has changed gears and is now a thriving creative hub that can boast a range of places to dine.

While there are some noteworthy high end restaurants, the lower price range is where the real food innovation is most evident. Pop-up restaurants, street food, and cafes have long queues of people waiting to taste their creations.

Setting up restaurants in any of these areas is bound to be a good idea as long as your establishment fits the culinary style of the area. However, don’t forget that the competition and standards are high. If you are up to the challenge, though, you can avoid being a flash in the pan.

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