5 flavour trends that consumers are seeking this year

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Premium Supplier 4th February 2020

5 flavour trends that consumers are seeking this year

1. Botanical Flavours
Gin's rise in popularity over recent years has had a knock-on effect; namely consumer awareness of botanical flavours.
Botanicals will continue to be big news in the drinks market with deluxe cordials and luxury soft drinks catering for non-drinkers and the burgeoning market for gourmet and luxury.
Floral extracts such as rose, elderflower, viola, borage and geranium will be at the forefront of the drinks market, but botanicals will also become more prevalent within food categories too. Think salads brightened with flower petals and sauces featuring the tang of an unusual foraged ingredient.

2. Fermented Foods
Fermented food and drinks are rich in probiotics, the healthy bacteria shown to be beneficial to gut health, and feature many other health benefits. The category continues to grow strongly, 7.8 percent annually, with BCC Research estimating that the global probiotics market was worth $36.6 billion in 2016 and expects it to reach around $57.2 billion by 2022. That's quite a hike.

What fermented flavours are
- Kombucha: A fermented, lightly effervescent, sweetened black or green tea drink. It can sometimes be slightly alcoholic - usually no more than 3%.
- Kefir: Cultured, fermented milk drink that is similar to yogurt. It has a tart, sour taste & a slight fizz as a result of the fermentation process.
- Sauerkraut: Once derided, this traditional pickled cabbage dish has emerged as a fashionable go-to hot-dog topping.
- Miso: Umami seekers love this fermented soybean paste. Used like soy sauce, it is a protein-packed flavour hit that adds a real eastern flavour to dishes, such as soups, salad dressings, glazes, and marinades.
- Tempeh: Ticking two rising food trend boxes: this vegan protein satisfies the fermented food trend and the move to more meat-free dining.

3. Comfort Food for a New Generation
Generation Z are a fit bunch. As a generation they go to the gym more and their diets are healthier than previous age groups. It's not just Gen Z however, there is a lot of focus on eating well and living well across the UK & Irish population and this is resulting in changes to comfort food. Healthier comfort food is a growing trend, products like vegetable crisps, protein porridge pots and a host of other snacks are on the market and more focus from traditional suppliers and new entrants will increase the supply of healthier comfort foods as consumer demand grows.

4. CBD
CBD oil is popping up in all kinds of food and drink right now, thanks to a relaxing in the law in 2017. Not surprising then, this hemp/cannabis extract is being heralded as the new miracle superfood. Will we see more food using CBD? Whilst being hard to cook with and having a polarising taste, chefs are experimenting by mixing it with Coconut oil in Thai food, or olive oil in Hummus.

5. Meat-Free Diet
We all know about the rise in the number of vegans, flexitarians and vegetarians as it's covered a great deal in the news. We've looked at the reports, statistics and history of vegetarians and vegans to bring you 14 facts to help you decide upon your meat-free menu offerings. Check out our foodservice meat-free article that covers this topic in more detail.

This extract is from the 2020 Food Trends Report. The report covers flavours, consumer confidence, Brexit, technology and marketing. Get your free copy delivered direct to your inbox by visiting www.aviko.co.uk.

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