CARROT SOUP RECIPE- Elsie shows you how to make a Simple, Healthy carrot soup

Hayden Groves

Hayden Groves

Executive Chef 21st December 2017

CARROT SOUP RECIPE- Elsie shows you how to make a Simple, Healthy carrot soup

In this video Elsie demonstrates a simple and delicious carrot soup recipe alongside her father Hayden Groves; former Craft Guild of Chefs National Chef of the year.
for Elsie's recipe you will need-
4 Carrots
1 med potato
1/2 an Onion
1 clove Garlic
1lt chicken (or Vegetable) stock
20g butter
splash olive oil

ingredients purchased from any leading supermarket

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I am a life long cook and a Former National Chef of the Year a title I won back in 2013.
I have a love of cycling wanting to be a Pro in my younger years, I rode 3 national championships but a life at the stove beckoned.

This is my Channel a snapshot of what I am all about, Family, Cycling and Food.
In 2015 I rode the Tour de France; one day before the pros and in 2017 all three Grand Tours- Giro d’italia, Le Tour de France & La Vuelta. Not just content with the physical challenge for Charity CureLeukaemia; I wrote a charity cook book that documented the journey called "Back in the Saddle" with recipes inspired by the geography and terroir of each region and stage.

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