Claw in the diners for National Lobster Day!

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Premium Supplier 15th June 2016

Claw in the diners for National Lobster Day!

Today is National Lobster Day. Did you know that lobster was once considered food for the poor? In the 1800s, there was an abundance of lobsters and New Englanders could simply walk down the beach and catch them during low tide. In fact many servants were given lobster for breakfast, lunch and dinner with laws being passed that limited how often you could serve lobster to your servants.

So it is funny to think, today lobster is considered a delicious exceptional delicacy all over the world. With our classic Lobster Bisque and versatile Lobster Glace products available here at Essential Cuisine, our dedicated chefs are keen to create different tasty recipes for you to try and develop in your own kitchen.

Why not try our Lobster, seashore herbs and cockles recipe for a delicious fishy treat? Or try our new Miso and XO Marinated Salmon with a Miso and Lobster Broth recipe, mixing our brand new Miso Broth Base from our Asian range with Lobster Glace to make a flavoursome lobster broth.

Interested in Asian cooking? Try this quick and easy Lobster Red Thai and Coconut Cream Sauce recipe – assists in turning any fish dish into a fragrant Thai delight. Click here to see our extensive recipe list and search through our plentiful lobster dishes.

On National Lobster Day enjoy experimenting and try our exclusive recipes on your summer menu… you’d be shellfish not to!