Eat Together, Work Well Together

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Premium Supplier 12th July 2017

Eat Together, Work Well Together

So the Essential Comms team came up with a “souper” idea! How about we all get together for a team lunch? And that is where all this started.
This morning three volunteers were busy adding the final touches to their home-made soups (Ben’s roasted pepper with a bit of a kick, Amanda’s comforting chicken and barley broth, and Dave’s smooth and delicious leek and potato). The boardroom table was laden with a fine selection of breads, croutons and drinks, and all that was needed was for the punters to turn up. But would they come?

It started as a trickle, well just Darren from the factory really, but then the trickle turned to a steady stream and before we knew it the boardroom had become a full on lively dining room with people from all areas of the business having a great catch up.

The banter was rife, but good-hearted, people sat wherever there was a space and a warm-hearted atmosphere started to build. The simple offering of soup and bread was both comforting and a great way to start a conversation.

Of course, all these soups had a great start in the form of Essential Cuisine’s fantastic range of gluten free stocks available for wholesalers across the country. But this wasn’t about those great versatile stocks (did we mention that they are gluten free), this was about a fantastic team being given an opportunity to get to know each other that little bit better.

Roll on the next team lunch!