Brokedinner grills Chef Gareth Jenkins

Kareem Roberts

Kareem Roberts

Other 25th January 2020

Brokedinner grills Chef Gareth Jenkins

Brokedinner grills Chef Gareth Jenkins

There are alot of things I admire about Gareth. Things like his humor, competitiveness, visual style, are content creation come to mind quickly. It is impossible for anyone to fairly ignore his talent. With that being said there is one particular thing about him that I RESPECT, it is his dedication.

Gareth's food is a solid display of all round cooking. Considering how much effort he puts into his social media content creation and general presence on Facebook you would wonder HOW he manages to do it. You would think he does it either at home or remotely via satellite. Surely you wouldn't assume that he does it in an AA awarded site. Well, Gareth clearly comes from a different burrow and I hope that burrow prepared him for the Sirius gat type embers of fiya as

Brokedinner puts Chef Gareth Jenkins on the Grill

1. Let's play word association. If I say 'TripAdvisor' you say....

Answer : Hurt feelings

2. Complete this dish for me adding as many elements as you like. Milk poached rabbit hearts, sultana gastrique...

Answer : I’ve never milk poached rabbits heart specifically, in my experience I’ve always either braised or seared and served it. Maybe sweet and sour chew toys are your thing. Just for a laugh let’s give that solider a quick char instead then finish it with the gastrique some chanterelles, tarragon oil and rye croutons

3. True or false. Every chef should do everything possible to be the best that they can be

Answer : False, you should focus individually on what makes you happy. Find balance in your life and divide your attention accordingly. When you know what you want to achieve then give it everything possible to be the best you can be.

4. Best. Chef. Ever. Commit to a name.

Answer : Not a reasonable question, by what measure?

Google says the wealthiest is David Chang and the most accoladed with 31 stars is Joel Robuchon.

The first recipe I ever read was by Jamie Oliver

The most relevant and inspiring for me at the moment is Sean MacDonald at Est restaurant Canada. Watching his progression in real time is a thing of beauty

5. Design 3 dishes using moose snout. One has to be cold

Answer : Corned Moose Snout • Smoked Gooseberry Jam • Sourdough Toast

Moose Loin • Braised Snout • Mash Potato • Pastry Crisp • Carrot • Green Peppercorn

Pulled Moose Snout • Sprout and Hazelnut Gnocchi • Blue Cheese Crumble

6. You have the chance to either cook for any your favorite musician/athlete for one year or the love of your life one final time? Oh, the musician will compensate you for your time of course

Answer : I’ll go the option where the love of my life doesn’t die. I ain’t washing salad and cooking plain chicken breast and for no athlete so I guess I’m cooking whatever Wiley needs to keep him hating on Stormzy

7. Let's say I give you some pork collar, milk chocolate, garum, and tenderstem broccoli. What can you make for me?

Answer : Why you trying to ruin my dinner broke. I’d trade the pork, garum and broccoli for some peanuts. Who cares what I make from there you can’t fuck with that combination.

8. What role, if any, has facebook played in your development as a cook/chef?

Answer : It’s taught me not to fear judgment. I’ve been called a prick so many times I’ve unlocked a new level of understanding. What you see is a reflection of me, it might be shit but at the very least it’s authentic.

9. Name your 3 most hated food trends of all time.

Answer : Random Edible flowers, well any micro with no thought or attempt to pair with the dish.

Pandering to dietary whims. I don’t mean catering for allergies or intolerances, even preferences. If I can serve you food in exchange for 💰I’m all in. However tailoring ingredients out of recipes or changing dish components as a standard, to the sacrifice of intended quality is a no go in my book though.

Random ingredients (how many times do I need to read the word yuzu) from around world, mainly because you have no talent when it comes to constructing dishes and you think it makes you sound razzle dazzle.


To witness someone's remarkable growth from a mobile distance is inspiring. As chefs we work in a field where it is particularly difficult to progress and develop self awareness.

Speaking from personal experience, most chefs struggle with some form of identity issues. We hardly know who we are at home because we are never there. Unfortunately, that does not mean that we know who we are as cooks either. Gareth does not seem to be one of those guys. He knows who he is, what he is good at, and most importantly how to balance it all out. That's just so dope to me

Special thanks to Gareth for doing this and NUFF RESPECT to YOU for reading


*watches the liquid mercury rain fall in reverse from the scorched soil of humility upwards into sky made of tears*

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