Roux Scholarship Six Finalists Announced

Roux Scholarship Six Finalists Announced
The Roux Scholarship

The Roux Scholarship

Premium Supplier 12th March 2012

Roux Scholarship Six Finalists Announced

Six Finalists Announced
After two Regional heats, which this year included a particularly tough mystery box challenge, the RouxFamily are delighted to announce this years six finalists for The Roux Scholarship 2012.
Edward Attwell, Love’s Restaurant, BirminghamQuinton Bennett, The Arch, LondonArbinder Dugal, Le Pont De La Tour, LondonPramod Ghadge, Catlin Underwriting Agencies Ltd, Harbour & Jones, LondonRobert Hutchins, Rudding Park Hotel, HarrogateAdam Smith, The Ritz, London
Facts about the Finalists
- Pramod Ghadge & Quinton Bennett, were in last years final.- For Edward Attwell, Robert Hutchins & Adam Smith this is their first time in the Roux Scholarshipcompetition.- Arbinder Dugal has made it through to the final on his fourth attempt.- Quinton Bennett is entering for the last time before he exceeds the age limit and as his name wasthe last to be announced in London he cheered with relief. The stage is set for a tense final!Two Regional heats were held on Thursday 8th March 2011The two heats, which took place at University College Birmingham & University of West London, were filmedby Cactus TV for a one off special documentary called The Roux Scholarship, which has beencommissioned by the Good Food channel and is due to air later this year. The programme will documentevery stage of the 2012 scholarship competition from the paper judging at the three Michelin starredWaterside Inn, the regional heats, through to the final and the ceremony to announce the eventual winner.
In London: Michel Roux Jnr, Andrew Fairlie, David Nicholls, James Martin & Steve Love (Roux Scholar 1997)In Birmingham: Brian Turner, CBE & Sat Bains (Roux Scholar 1999)The ChallengeThis year’s challenge was to come up with a recipe to serve four people using two spring chicken of 400grams each and 300 grams veal heart sweetbreads, accompanied by a sauce and two garnishes, one ofwhich had to be cauliflower and the other using a green vegetable of choice.Contestants had 2½ hrs to cook their dish as originally submitted along with a dessert from a list of mysteryingredients given to them on the day.
Mystery Box for dessert:150g caster sugar300ml milk6 eggs100g flour200ml double cream2 pink grapefruits2 leaves of gelatine3 medium size bananas100g flaked almonds100g butter
Prepare a dessert for four people, one ingredient can be omitted, you may use water in addition. At least50% of the remaining ingredients must be used.For more information: Carol Conway - 07590 414111 [email protected]
Quotes from the Judges
Michel Roux Jnr
"This year's mystery box was a challenge, we gave them lots of ingredients. Even we, as judges all came upwith different things and had different takes on what we would do. Some of the competitors tried to be toocomplex and come up with three things on the plate, which was a step too far and you could see theychanged their minds as they went along.”“Everyone did a great job with their main courses today but it was the desserts that let some of them down. Iam looking for organisation and simplicity, the food has got to look good and taste even better, and that'swhat defined the winners today."
James Martin
“I’ve been a pastry chef for 15 years and that was not an easy mystery box, especially with such a short timeto think about it. As a result there were a few disasters but the competitors that focused on the ingredientsand making them taste great shone through and that’s what made the difference for the winners.”What would I do? You’ll have to wait and see because I’ve been set this challenge by the Roux Family forthe cameras. All I can say is Gary Rhodes got off lightly with his rhubarb crumble last year!”
Brian Turner, CBE
"For the two winners we selected what stood out was their mix of traditional and slightly inventive, I have tosay it worked well. Now we've chosen our two, Sat and I hope one of ours can go on and win!""Some of the desserts are very adventurous, the grapefruit in the surprise box was a curve ball."
Andrew Fairlie
“Preparation is everything in this competition, you could tell immediately who had practiced their dish, you’vegot to know it inside out and be confident and stick to your plan without getting distracted by the judges andother contestants. The desserts were not good, the trick is to pick something simple, do it well and focus onthe main dish to showcase your skills.”
Sat Bains, Roux Scholar 1999
"It's all gone very well today, I'm glad I got to take part and the facilities are outstanding, one of the best inthe UK. Judging went well, we did have a good debate about who should be the second winner. With all thechefs who took part I have to say the dessert let them down, there wasn't much intensity or flavour."Quotes from the finalists
Edward Attwell"I'm very happy to get through to the final and it's a real honour. My mum is here supporting me and as it wasall her idea I think I've made her proud."
Robert Hutchins"Getting through to the final hasn't really sunk in yet, I'm absolutely ecstatic especially as this is the first timeI've entered the competition."
Adam Smith"I'm surprised and delighted, this is my first time in this competition and it's tough. I've had a lot of supportfrom John Williams and the team at the Ritz, I'm glad I didn't let them down."

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