Valencian Paella Recipe

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Premium Supplier 18th November 2019

Valencian Paella Recipe

VALENCIAN PAELLA 🥘 this easy version of the famous rice dish is ready in just 45 minutes. Once adding the rice, you mustn't stir it - this is to make sure the rice doesn't release lots of its starch, and so that you get the 'socarrat' (that thin, crispy layer of rice 😋). Our chef Fernando added the traditional touch of a newspaper, sprinkled with water over the top, with the heat off, to finish the dish. This ensures the rice cooks properly and softens up on top. When served up, Valencian people will often eat this dish straight from the pan!


Extra virgin olive oil
La Chinata mild or hot paprika
400g chicken breast or thigh deboned
Green beans
1/2 a jar of El Navarrico Butter beans
A pinch of saffron
250g Bomba rice
600ml hot chicken stock or hot water
4-6 ripe tomatoes, grated


1. Heat pan with olive oil, add salt

2. Fry the chicken until golden

3. Add the green beans beans and butter beans

4. Add the freshly grated, ripe tomatoes and 2 tbsp of paprika

5. Add 900ml of hot stock

6. Add a pinch of saffron

7. Add the bomba rice

8. Let it simmer for 20 minutes

9. Add fresh sprigs of rosemary

10. (Optional add newspaper - sprinkle with some water) or use a traditional lid, and leave for 5 minutes