Seasonal Update 14.08.11

Seasonal Update 14.08.11
Wild Harvest UK

Wild Harvest UK

Standard Supplier 12th August 2011

Seasonal Update 14.08.11

Happy Monday Chef,
I hope you had a lovely weekend – more music for me with the Canary Wharf Jazz Festival kicking off my weekend with Ska Cubano and the talented, beautiful and genius, Natty Bo (also of Top Cats fame).  I hope after last week’s troubles everyone is well; we are particularly proud of the team at The Ledbury for sending off those little terrors with rolling pins and frying baskets.  A little calm has been restored, so hopefully a jubilant atmosphere will follow suit.
We still have a dizzying array of stone and soft fruit, exotic salad leaves etc but here’s some of purchasing’s favourites, some new arrivals and what will be in season in the next month or so. 
Wild Mushrooms & Truffle
The early Cep flush is over and we will have to wait 2-3 weeks until the season really starts up, however dried & frozen ceps are available year round for the porcini fans out there.
We are moving from Polish to Byelorussian for small fresh Girolles next week.
The wonderfully fragrant Scottish Girolle season continues and we have secured a drop in price.
Trompette de la Mort from Poland & French Chanterelle and Pied de Mouton are now readily available and hence down in price.
Summer truffles roll on.
The Wild Mushroom mix will contain the following:

Byelorussian Girolles
Scottish Girolles
Pied Bleu
Pied de Mouton
Trompette de la Mort

Torrential rain in Scotlandhas lifted for the glorious 12th and the start of the grouse season, so we expect our first delivery of  Grouse by the middle of the week.
We are expecting the following soon:

Wood Pigeon

Seasonal & Foraged Produce

Beans: Borlotti Beans (Italy), Coco and Cannellini Beans
Purple Beans
Purple Potatoes
Purple Cauliflower
Purple sprouting Broccoli
Purple tinged Poivrade Artichokes
Rainbow Chard (UK)
Multi-coloured, adult and baby Beetroot & Carrots
Crapaudine Beetroot
Round Courgettes & Aubergines
Striped Aubergines (available in purple)
Jerusalem Artichokes


Muscat Grapes (purple)
White Grapes (Italy)
Plums: Greengages, Victoria & Mirabelle
Black Figs
Cob Nuts (fresh Hazelnuts)


Rowan Berries

Coming to an end:

Wild Strawberries (frozen whole fruit & puree available)

We are expecting the following soon:

Nettles (1-2 weeks)  

 As always, if you have any questions please do get in touch with your account manager or myself, and don’t forget to follow us on twitter for up to date information and photos, special offers and recipes. Have a fantastic week chef.
Best wishes,
Louise Thomas
Wild Harvest