Seasonal Update 16.05.11

Seasonal Update 16.05.11
Wild Harvest UK

Wild Harvest UK

Standard Supplier 16th May 2011

Seasonal Update 16.05.11

I hope you had a lovely weekend.  Mine was spent perfecting my saffron meringue cupcakes and foraging the end of the wild garlic season from Hampstead Heath, so all in all just lovely.
Here is what is in store for this week:
In case you still hadn’t heard, we are offering 20% discount across the entire range of Cacao Barry until the end of May.  This includes (but not limited to) couverture, pralines, truffle shells, pate feuillantine, cocoa powder and grue de cacao (cocoa nibs).  If you haven’t received our Cacao Barry information pack, complete with prices, tasting notes, recipes and further information on the origin on the chocolate, please do let me know and I can pass it on to you.  This is a great opportunity to make your accountant and your customers happy.  Everyone loves chocolate.
Wild Mushrooms & Truffle
After what felt like a bare cupboard, a new mushroom season is well underway.  Mighty fine Morels from Turkey continue, they are in great shape; clean with a good honeycomb pattern.  As we get nearer to the end of the season (June) and into the warmer weather, we are now receiving larger morels, which are perfect for stuffing.  Bulgarian Mousseron and St George’s mushrooms have been going doing a treat with our chefs; mousserons are looking lovely and delicate and the St George is clean and small. We are also welcoming in Girolles, which are remarkable for the beginning of the season.  We look forward to seeing what delights Poland and Scotland will bring in, in the way of the girolles, later into the summer.
Black Summer Truffles are coming in from Italy and at their very best, a delicate nose and light marbling and at a laudable price.
Seasonal Fruit & Vegetables
We are all still enjoying the fruits of the season; my own favourite vegetable, ever, Poivrade Artichokes are in full swing from France and looking incredible.  Put it on your menu and I will promise to eat in your restaurant.
Soft fruits are beginning to creep in; we have already seen the beginning of English Wild Strawberries (Kent) and Garguiettes from France.  These ambrosial lovelies are the taste of summer and shouldn’t be missed; sweet, floral and intoxicating.  We are also having our first taste of traditional English strawberries from Kent and will let you know how that pans out.   If you didn’t hear on twitter, we had our first taste of Cherries from Spain and France and they are very appealing.  They remind me of childhood summers spent playing in our neighbour’s vegetable patch, spitting the stone in the hope of growing cherries for the next summer (which never quite worked out).  Alfonso mangoes are at their very best and a beautiful colour and we are now receiving Moroccan Charentais melons.
We are ever increasing our selection of English produce, which already includes green asparagus from the heart of the Cotswold’s and jersey royal potatoes.  We are all crossing our fingers for English peas and broad beans in the following week, but we do have Spain and French peas and broad beans available to tide you over.  Our foraging range is blooming, Sea Aster is back, Nettles, Alexanders, Sea Purslane and Sea Beets are strong.  Wild garlic is coming to a close, after the heat of this spring and an unexpected early blooming, but we are looking to extend our offerings by picking in Scotland.
Don’t forget our other seasonal produce currently available

Wild asparagus (France)
White asparagus (France)
Baby plum tomatoes on the vine (Italy)
Round Italian aubergines
Unwaxed leafy lemons (Italy
A wide range of exotic leaves, cresses & flowers.

This little selection is just scratching the surface, but tempus fugit.
Brand Change
Just to let you know, our ever popular Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Il Rustico, has undergone a brand change to ANTICA TRADIZIONE.  It is an identical product with a different label, please do not be alarmed.
If you haven’t already, follow us on twitter to keep up to date.  This week I want to see what you are making in your kitchens with Cacao Barry; tweet me pictures of your desserts, petit fours and chocolate work.  I will feature my favourites in our update next week. 
As always, if you need any further help please do get in touch or contact your account manager

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