Our top crazy cuisines: Chefs and their weird recipes

The  Staff Canteen

The Staff Canteen

Editor 4th July 2014

We’ve made a list of our top chefs and their weirdest food combinations that on paper really shouldn’t work!

Take a look at what we’ve found…

Chris Underwood:

Chris Underwood, current Pastry Chef for The Five Fields, is famous for his subtle blend of vegetables within his desserts. He found the unusual, yet complimentary, combination whilst working for Claude Bosi in Hibiscus. Lemon, Coffee, and Pumpkin Cucumber and basil with white chocolate sorbet, basil ash meringue and white chocolate ganache. Cucumber-Basil-300x225

Jonny Lake:

Head Chef at Heston’s Fat Duck, Jonny Lake, shows a similar interest in molecular gastronomy with the recipes he creates. The restaurant is famous for its strange food paring, multi-sensory and nostalgic food experience as the list below demonstrates:

  • Aerated Beetroot
  • Lamb with Cucumber, Green Pepper and Caviar Oil
  • “Sound of the Sea”
  • Red Cabbage Gazpacho

jonny lake

Hideko Kawa:

Hideko Kawa is Head Pastry Chef at Heston’s Fat Duck and has had the chance to experiment the strange and the wonderful in this experimental environment. They are always developing and tweaking a dish so it is never left alone. Here are a few examples of her culinary artistry: Eggs-in-Verjus-c.1726-Verjus-in-Egg Macerated-Strawberries-Olive-Oil-Chamomile-and-Coriander The-Edible-Playing-Card-part-of-the-Sweetshop-bag  

Alex Atala:

Chef Patron of D.O.M restaurant in Sao Paulo, Alex has been credited within the world’s 50 best restaurants and the only chef to appear in Time’s 100 most influential people. His strange dishes include:   jambul    

Ashley Palmer-Watts

Ashley works at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, a restaurant famous for its inspired historical dishes. They revolutionise the dishes into modern recipes with an experimental touch. Some dishes include: Meat fruit Sambocade-300x200    

Massimo Bottura:

“International Chef of the Year” in 2012 and owner of a 3 Michelin starred restaurant, Osteria Francesca, rated in the top 50 World’s Best Restaurants, Bottura is famed for synthesising tradition and evolution with contemporary art and architecture in his dishes. The names of the recipes say it all… Oops, I Dropped the Lemon Tart   Psychedelic Veal Not Flamed Grill

And last but my no means least -

Ferran Adria:

One of the most famous worldwide revolutionary cook. Here are a few of his weird recipes:   The Spherical Olive    

By Rebecca Smith

The  Staff Canteen

The Staff Canteen

Editor 4th July 2014

Our top crazy cuisines: Chefs and their weird recipes