James Sommerin, James Sommerin Restaurant

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Editor 27th October 2016

James Sommerin discusses his role as Chef Patron at James Sommerin Restaurant and his own inspirations with regards to pursuing a career as a Chef.

Name: James Sommerin

James Sommerin

Place of work: James Sommerin Restaurant

Role: Chef Patron

Bio: James Sommerin is Chef patron of James Sommerin Restaurant, situated on the Esplanade in Penarth. His culinary journey started at the age of 12 and has lead him to the next chapter in his life, James Sommerin Restaurant, which he opened with his wife Louise. His cooking inspirations spiral from his late grandmother who he cooked with and developed his passion and love for cooking.

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Chef Skills

James Sommerin takes us through her personal experiences whilst being in the Culinary Industry. These key skills that young Chefs and industry professionals learn as part of their basic training.

How long have you been in your current position? 

Since I was 16 - so around 20 years!

What experience and how many years would someone need in order to progress to the top level of the industry?

It totally depends on the sort of establishment but around at least 10 years.

What are your ultimate top five tips for someone looking to start a career in the hospitality sector?

1. Be prepared to work hard

2. Accept the unsociable hours

3. Be open minded as there is no right or wrong in cooking

4. Be humble and accept that you are going to make mistakes

5. Most of all - really enjoy food and working with it, as that is what it is all about!

Mackeral Salad

Who are the key Chefs and restaurants that someone should be speaking to and trying to gain experience with?

 There are so many different types of cuisines that in my opinion,  there is no ‘one’ person. The industry and food itself is so varied these days, so you can’t just say Ramsay, Heston or Roux - it’s all about which area interests you and which Chefs you admire.

 What are you looking out for on a CV or in an interview if someone was applying to work with you?

Top of my list is enthusiasm and an open mind. I took on a 16-year-old who was so eager I hired him! He had no experience but pure passion.

The  Staff Canteen

The Staff Canteen

Editor 27th October 2016

James Sommerin, James Sommerin Restaurant