Honey glazed duck with Lavender and Cheltenham beetroot

Martin Carabott

Martin Carabott

10th February 2020

Honey glazed duck with Lavender and Cheltenham beetroot

780 min

Serves 1.


Honey glazed duck with Angelica, spices and Cheltenham beetroot

  • 1 Whole duck, dry aged for a minimum of 2 weeks 1tbsp each honey and glucose, mixed together Equal parts Coriander seeds, red Szechuan peppercorns, pink peppercorns, cumin seeds, Dried lavender flowers and Angelica seeds
  • (Spices Coarsely ground and fine powder sieved away, then mixed together)
  • Fleur de sel
  • 2 Week dry aged duck Glazed with honey and spice mix (cumin seeds, Szechuan peppercorns, coriander seeds and lavender). Salt Baked Cheltenham beetroot, sliced and hollowed.
  • Beetroot relish, used to fill beetroot made with diced beetroot, beetroot puree, diced green apple, roasted black pudding, pickled mustard seeds and duck sauce. Crystallised sunflower seed and pine nut mix, placed underneath the beetroot relish.
  • White beetroot slices, brushed with apple vinegar. Fennel flowers and fennel tops, topping the beetroot. Duck sauce.

Mise en Place

  • 1 Duck crown unprepped Honey/glucose mix Spice blend 1 Duck crown, roasted Fleur de sel Duck sauce Peeled Salt baked beetroot.
  • Salt dough + Raw beetroot Relish ingredients: Beetroot puree + beetroot dice + apple dice + roasted black pudding + pickled mustard seeds Pine nut/ seed mix Cooked heritage beetroot batons Apple vinegar (Sweetbread recipe) and brush Picked fennel flowers.


Honey glazed duck with Angelica, spices and Cheltenham beetroot

-Remove head and wish bone from duck along with parson’s nose and wing tip.
-Tie very tightly with string under the crown to tighten the skin.
-Carefully remove legs and reserve for other preparations
-Rub the crown with honey and glucose mixture and vigorously pull away excess, leaving you with a thin coating (this is essential as too much honey will melt and slide off during cooking).
-Dust liberally and generously with fleur de sel to season and spice mix.
-Place in a hot oven at 175C medium fan and cook for 6 mins at a time, checking the thickest part with a cake tester and turning after each cook until core temperature is somewhere around 45C – this will rise to around 55C during resting for a pink duck.
-Rest somewhere warm for ideally 45 minutes, to allow the duck to finish cooking and rest properly before carving and flashing.
-Served below with salt baked Cheltenham and white beetroots, stuffed with a beetroot relish (beetroot dice, green apple dice, smoked beetroot puree and roasted black pudding).
-Also topped with fennel flowers and toasted Angelica seeds and a sauce made from duck legs and trim.

Wrap beetroot in salt dough sheet.
Prepare salt baked beetroot.
Prepare beetroot relish- Mix components together and warm slightly.
Flash cooked duck for 3 minutes and rest
Heat duck sauce and prepare/ display all components.
Carve duck.
Assemble dish: Salt baked beetroot/ crystallised seeds and nuts/ beetroot relish/ Heritage beetroot batons/ fennel flowers/ duck/ duck sauce.

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