Lamb saddle, shoulder and belly, fermented cabbage, yoghurt, celeriac by Paul Foster

Paul Foster

Paul Foster

5th January 2014

Lamb saddle, shoulder and belly, fermented cabbage, yoghurt, celeriac by Paul Foster

Lamb recipes tend to be exceptionally varied, with meals that offer classic comfort food as well as dishes that boast a more delicate, refined flavour. Take a look at the Lamb saddle, shoulder and belly, fermented cabbage, yoghurt, celeriac by Paul Foster recipe below as tried and tested by our professional chefs. (photography by John Arandhara Blackwell)


  • Lamb saddle
  • 1 short saddle of lamb on the bone
  • 100g butter
  • 4 sprigs of thyme
  • Sea salt
  • Lamb shoulder
  • 1 lamb shoulder on the bone
  • 200g yoghurt
  • 10g cumin
  • 10g ground coriander
  • Cabbage
  • 1/2 red cabbage
  • Salt
  • 2 banana shallots
  • 20ml sunflower oil
  • Celeriac puree
  • half celeriac
  • 50g butter
  • 100g chicken stock
  • Crispy rice
  • 10g wild rice
  • 400ml sunflower oil
  • Yoghurt
  • 200ml natural yoghurt
  • Pennywort to finish the dish


shred the cabbage very thinly, weigh and mix with 2% salt vacuum pack tightly and leave at room temperature for 5 days. If the bag starts to blow then cut and re-seal. On day 5 slice the shallots finely and sweat in the oil add the cabbage cover with cling film tightly and cook on a high heat for 5 minutes. Remove from heat leave to cool and keep in the fridge until needed.
Lamb belly
Remove the bark from the lamb saddle and trim off the bellies. Remove any sinew from the bellies and lightly salt for 6 hours. Wash off the salt and pat dry, cook in a water bath at 75 degrees C for 12 hours and press in the fridge.
Lamb shoulder
Mix the yoghurt, cumin and coriander with a pinch of sea salt and spread all over the lamb shoulder, bake on a wire rack at 140 degrees C for around 3 hours. The outside will be blackened and the inside moist and tender. Pick the meat and skin off the bone and mix with chicken stock, take care not to break down the meat fibres too much. Use cling film to roll into ballotines and keep in the fridge. C
eleriac puree
wash the celeriac and trim off the root, dice into cubes and sweat in the butter with a pinch of salt. Caramelise lightly, when soft deglaze with the chicken stock and blend until smooth. Check the seasoning and pass through a sieve. Keep in the fridge till needed.
hang the yoghurt in a cloth in the fridge for 8 hours to extract the whey, remove the yoghurt from the cloth and reserve till later. Keep the whey to use in other recipes.
heat the oil to 210 degrees C drop the rice in and strain as soon as they have all popped strain through a sieve and spread on kitchen paper. Season with sea salt
To assemble
take the saddle out of the fridge and leave to come up to room temperature for 30 minutes, caramelise the skin side in the butter and thyme and place on a wire rack skin side up and cook in the oven at 120 degrees C for 30-35 minutes, leave to rest in a warm place for another 30 minutes. Cut the belly into strips and pan fry to crisp up, heat the puree, mix the red cabbage and some of the shoulder together and heat gently, check the temperature and seasoning of everything, spread the yoghurt on the plate and arrange ingredients around it, remove the lamb from the bone and carve into long slices season with sea salt and drape over the plate.

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