Mozzarella Mousse with Garden Vegies and Tomato variation

Yuliyan Tsenov

Yuliyan Tsenov

11th June 2015

Mozzarella Mousse with Garden Vegies and Tomato variation

Fresh summer salad with some garden vegies and tomato variation.


  • Cheese Mousse :
  • 0.050 gr Mozzarella, Buffalo or any White cheese good for grating
  • 0.120 ml Cream 35%
  • For Decoration :
  • 3 stripes Zhucchini
  • 3 stripes Cuccumber
  • 3 stripes Celeriac or Radish/Turnip
  • Parsley, Dill and Eadble flowers
  • 0.005 gr Marinated Sun Dried Tomatoes
  • 0.005 ml Sun Dried Tomato Oil
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper
  • Tomato seeds


Cheese Mousse :

Beat the cream to meaduim peak, great the cheese and mix them together, season with salt and pepper and some olive oil. Place in piping bag, ready for use.

For Decoration :

Make stripes from the vegies and marinate with olive oil, salt and pepper. Let them stay for 5-10 min.

Pipe the Mousse on the plate in straight line. Arrange the vegies as desired, add herbs and eadble flowers, marinated sun dried tomatoes, sun dried tomato oil and some seasoned and oiled tomato seeds.