Turkish Terbiyeli Pirasa (Leeks) braised with Ghoa Cress

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Koppert Cress

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Turkish Terbiyeli Pirasa (Leeks) braised with Ghoa Cress

60 min

A simple Koppert Cress based recipe from the lovely Hulya Erdal


Avgolemeno Sauce

  • 2 egg yolks
  • Juice of 2 lemons
  • 250ml braised leek cooking water
  • A little cornflour if needed
  • Honny Cress

Motti Oil Infusion

  • 200ml rapeseed oil
  • 3 punnets Motti Cress


  • 6-8 baby leeks
  • 3 punnets Ghoa Cress


Avgolemeno Sauce

Whisk the egg yolks with the lemon juice. Pour in a little of the hot leek liquid and beat well, then pour it all in to the pan with the remaining hot liquid.
Make sure to beat really well, then place on the heat for a few seconds until the sauce thickens
You might see a few bubbles pop on top. Remove immediately as you don't want the mixture to curdle.

Oil Infusion

Make the oil infusion: Infuse the rapeseed oil with the Motti Cress in a glass bottle or jar. Leave overnight to one week to fully infuse and colour. Strain using coffee filter paper or musline cloth before using.

Braised Leeks

Thoroughly wash the leeks and top and tail them, removing the tough green leaves at the top. Place in a pan with 2 punnets Ghoa Cress and water, to only just cover the leeks. Braise in a preheated oven until the leeks start to colour, about 20-30 minute
Drain the leeks, reserving 250ml of cooking water. Bring the water to the boil, strain and then set aside.


Cut the leeks in half lengthways and arrange in the centre on a plate, drizzle the infused oil around then the sauce and finish with Honny Cress and Ghoa Cress.