Brokedinner Grills Chef Ann-Kristen Wenzel

Kareem Roberts

Kareem Roberts

Other 17th January 2018

Brokedinner Grills Chef Ann-Kristen Wenzel

Brokedinner puts Chef Ann-Kristin Wenzel on the grill!

Its difficult for some people to ever be 'normal', particularly for chefs. We do not fit in with the typical civilian to be frank. Outside of inhospitable hours and a language of communication riddled with jargon, time and various units of measurement, alot of us are trained to adapt to a lifestyle more alien than human. Even among our own kinsmanship there are anomolies...abnormalities among the abnormal. If there has ever been an antistereotypical chef then Ann-Kristen Wenzel is that and more.

Ann Kirsten is a Danish born defacto model that was drawn to the professional kitchen after her friends goaded her to to enroll in Masterchef Portugal where she has been living for the last decade and a half. Her dreams of becoming a fighter pilot or television presenter were overruled by her new passion. After training at Le Cordon Bleu she gained formidable culinary skills and now owns her own catering company among numerous other independent projects. With all of her talents and saavy can she bear the scalding intensity of a grill session? Lets find out as

Brokedinner grills Chef Ann-Kristen Wenzel

1. If you had to cook a dolphin, what 2 side dishes would you serve with it?

- Probably something like a sweet, spicy and sour salsa like mango, coriander, lime and chili salsa of some sort and then play around with the same ingredients in the salsa, but served in different textures.

2. Complete this dish for me adding as many elements as you like. Baked apples, confit fennel and...

- Baked apples and puree thereof, confit fennel, fennelseed coral tuile, apple sorbet, apple and fennel juice jelly, crystalized white chocolate, apple skin powder and white chocolate cremeux. I better stop adding elements now... :D

3. Your kitchen is on fire and you can only save one thing. What is it?

- My golden set of measuring spoons that my mother gave to me.

4. Best. Chef. Ever. Commit to a name.

- Daniel Humm, plating and cookingwise. It's modern food, but still edible.

5. What is the most unreasonable request you have ever heard from a guest?

- Ordering a dish made of mango, coconut and rice but didn't want it to taste like mango or coconut or rice. I was like... "what!"

6. What are the 3 best things you can make from potatoes?

- I love tortillas (went to Le Cordon Bleu Madrid and ate them A LOT during my course), crispy fondant potatoes, potato pillow "puffs" I made while working at Casa da Chá de Boa Nova in Porto, Portugal.

7. What if I give you some tomatoes, lentils, lamb liver, and oats and ask you to make a dish. What are you serving?

- I would be serving a crust on the lamb chops made of the oats (obvious choice I guess), a lentil/tomato-y risotto, tomato textures and a paté of the livers.

8. What food do you refuse to eat?

- Chicken feet and foie gras.

9. How much would someone have to pay you to eat 10 birds eye chilli's and wash it down with hot tea?

I really hope no one ever asks me that and expect me to do it. I think they would be keeping their money. I can take spicy, but I don't think I could take that much spice. I mean, I am nordic for God's sake. We don't eat chilies like that! :D


Let the record state that while I agree with her choice of best chef, brokedinner loves him some chicken feet! Thanks alot chef for taking part and everyone be on the lookout over on Instagram as both Ann and I will be taking over Soignefood's Livestream in the upcoming week! Be sure to follow our accounts for a specific date and time to be announced! Thank you all for reading and as always, Peace and NUFF RESPECT!


*skips several dozen songs on his playlist and asks the heavens 'who are you?'*


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