Chef Louis Robinson and Kareem Roberts collaborate a menu themed on colour

Kareem Roberts

Kareem Roberts

Other 24th August 2017

Chef Louis Robinson and Kareem Roberts collaborate a menu themed on colour

There is nothing more inviting than a well presented menu. It is essentially a business card representing you, what you do, and the cost of your services. I have my own opinions on how a menu should be worded and that is a topic for another day. This time I am more interested in designing a menu.

Louis and I are both flavor first cooks and in 3D it would make more sense to build a menu around spices and flavor pairings. This is social media however and as advanced as Snapchat filters and IG technology its just not there as yet. The next logical step would be to create a visual menu, but it would need something more cohesive to tie it all together.

With a little more collective brainstorming we decided elected the proverbial rainbow. A menu where each course is structured around a color as opposed to ingredients. Unconventional, visual, and against the grain. I loved the concept and so did Louis. While we are not breaking any boundaries or even claiming to be the first to summit Everest here there is something to be said about challenge.

Louis and I are separated by an ocean. We have never met in person and share very different views on numerous subjects. In light of that we set out to cook 'together' and while it is not in a traditional sense this felt very real.

The menu will comprise of 8 courses alternating between myself and Chef Robinson. This entry will present the first 4 courses and set the room for lack of better terms. I will digress no further, it is time to present the dishes and the first half of the menu. We aim yo deliver the other half of the menu within the next week or so but this is just a taste of things to come. Please be seated and enjoy 😋


Introducing : Visible Light
By Kareem Roberts and Louis Robinson

Red 430-480THz (Louis)
Wahoo and papaya ceviche, Hoja Santa, guajillo agua chili

Orange 480-510THz (Kareem)
Capsicum, white onions, saffron, and salmon belly a la grecque with mango and green chilli relish

Yellow 510-540THz (Louis)
Cornmeal gnocchi, sweet pepper corn cream, marinated squash and tomatoes, burnt corn

Green 540-580THz (Kareem)
Rock lobster palak, confit poussin and roasted tenderstem broccoli

To be continued.....
*waltzes to the frequency of the post visible spectrum and continues perpetually*